For Our Next President


Pray that the right man is elected, to lead our country in God’s direction!




Praying for our President




Saying prayers for next President.



He has my AMEN.


yeah i will pray, just aint gonna vote.:thumbsup:


been praying and will continue praying…



I also will be praying,but not voting:confused:


Prayers for the next president to be guided by Gods loving hand…All the glory and honor in God and Jesus Christ…Amen


For those who ARE eligible to vote, there’s not much point in praying if you’re not willing to get off your butt and help make sure the best possible President is elected by voting for him (or her :wink: ) :confused:

Does not compute … :nope:

Having said that, I’m praying as well. God can right straight with some very crooked lines … if He can use St Peter and St Paul to steer His church, then there’s hope for just about anyone :crossrc:


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