For our wedding anniversary


Please join me in a prayer of thanksgiving as my DH and I celebrate our wedding anniversary this week! :slight_smile: Please also pray for our small weekend “get-away” celebration with our two young children, that we may rejoice always in the blessing of family and that He may keep us safe always.

“Heavenly Father, we thank you Lord for calling us to marriage and for the blessing of family. We praise and thank you for the bountiful provisions you have given us. Thank you Lord for our children and for the joy they give us each day. Remind us of the simple blessings every day, and watch over us as we celebrate our wedding anniversary this weekend. Amen.”


Prayers going out now…have a wonderful getaway!


Have a blessed anniversary and a wonderful getaway with kids. Celebrate your success as husband and wife!!

We did not go out on any getaway just the two of us until our 20th wedding anniversary - and even then we missed them.

Our 25th is end of July - they aren’t coming on that one either. Now they don’t want to!! LOL.


Praying for this occasion.


Praying for the two of you. :gopray:


You are both in my prayers.


Thanks be to God!


Thank you all for your wonderful prayers. Have a blessed evening! :smiley:


praying for you & your family, that peace and joy may happily reign in your home and everywhere around you




Congrats on the aniversary, and have fun in the weekend getaway.

God Bless,




Dear Lord,

Thank you for this witness of a couple who have found their joy together in you. Please bless them and their journey that they are undertaking. Amen.


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