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Hi joseph,

below posted for you is what Catholic’s believe. i think you need to know precisely what we believe when you question us on our faith and doctrines. one cannot state we are not Christian and that we ought not to pray to Mary and so on without knowing the facts. In order to make a statement to us
about why it is wrong for us to practice certain things, you must have accurate knowledge about Catholicism before you can make any statement you claim is true.

iam posting this to you because i did not get any response from you. i hope you can sit back and read it and absorb it and them come and sincerely question us about what we believe.

that is the fair way of talking to us. one cannot go off and just rush to judgement based on what you think we ought to believe or not believe. if you want a fair and honest discussion about Catholicism, then please take the time to read what i posted for you here from our library.

i would like to see your feedback on this after you read what we believe. you have alot of misconceptions about the church.
these misconceptions can easliy be cleared up by reading the provided links for you.

a true honest debater would take the time to read it before he or she rushes to judgement on what they think we are, and what we believe. you must know the facts before you can make a fair statement. so here are the facts about what we
Catholic’s believe:

God and Christ

Scripture and Tradition

Church and Papacy

Mary and the Saints

Faith and Science

Morality and Ethics



Last things


I have read all of JS’s postings and am quite amazed at his apparent Hatred of our Blessed Mother Mary, or is it FEAR?:rolleyes:

The Blessed Mother leads ALL to her Son Jesus Christ, she lead me to Him and I thank her daily for that. Could it be that by coming to a more informed undertanding of Mary that JS too will come to a closer relationship with our Saviour? Or better yet, to find His True Church?

JS heart is cold and hardened right now, what is needed is prayer for him that he would open up his heart to the Holy Spirit and come to a fuller understanding of the role that the Blessed Mother plays in the church.

“Pray for us most Holy Mother of God, that we be made worthy of the promises of Christ”.


A bit of history!

19th century English prelate Cardinal Manning once stated that a Mr. John Bright told him that he had heard this sentence, “Mary is the Mother of God,” repeated in the course of a sermon preached in Rome, and that for twenty years afterwards he was turning over these six short words in his mind almost every day, and often during the night, asking himself what exactly the preacher could have meant by them. They were unfamiliar to him and grated sharply on his ear - indeed, excepting among Catholics, they had hardly been spoken in our midst for four hindred years. Yet they are nothing more than the affirmation of the elementary, primary Christian truth, that Jesus Christ is God, and that Mary is his Mother. Yes, the proposition, Mary is the Mother of God, is the safeguard and witness of that other proposition upon which all our religion depends: Jesus, Mary’s Son, is God.


honestly, i didn’t expect him to read this. he’d rather attack us than be fair and impartial and read the provided links. like he posts and runs.


I noticed the same thing…once good readings are suggested he moves along to the same petty arguments defilling the Blessed Mother stated in different terms. I truly wonder if he would appreciate such degredation being slung at anyone he cares about…regardless of whether he believes Mary is as wonderful as she is, I find it amazing that he has such disregard for the Mother of our Lord! Wouldn’t it make since to at least respect her for such an undertaking?


Marilena, you have posted great links there; don’t worry that it is there for nothing even if JS does not want to read yet. It is there for those who truly search and want to learn about our belief.

Your post will be soon on Yahoo, Google engine for the whole world to know. :thumbsup:


Hey thanks for praying for me. Please pray the way Mary did. You do know how she prayed right. She prayed like this.
Dear Father in the name of Jesus your son. I ask you in Jesus name. Mary knew how and whom to pray to.
And please understand i have not hard heart all. If i did i would not have a burden to show the catholic how to get to heaven. Nor would i point to the errors of the faith. Actually i am dead in all respects to the world and live unto Christ. And i am a apostle and a prophet also. I have seen Christ and walk in his full blessing, As promised by him. I also know the Father. Keep up the prayers. Just remember there is only one person that can recieve prayer now Jesus the one high priest.


no where in scripture do we see mary saying this


ok, now you are the real Joseph Smith who says he is a prophet and seen Christ in flesh. Did you happen to ask how many siblings He had? I read the other reply of yours saying that he had 7? (sigh…)


Are you calling yourself a prophet because that is a bit dangerous…See Matthew 7:15… Do you sincerely mean for us to keep up our prayers, because then wouldn’t we be sort of mediating on your behalf?


In your post you misrepresent the beliefs of Catholics. You state what you believe that Catholics believe not in an inquisitive way but in a self righteous way. To continue to misrepresent our believes is the breaking of the commandment not to bear false witness.


All I know is that we should pray for the poster Joseph Smith since if Jesus is anything like how most people are on earth, then insulting the mother of Jesus is probably the last thing I would want to do. I don’t think Jesus is going to be too happy about these insults and I hope he has mercy and understands that you are truly ignorant. We as Catholics might have to ask Mary and the saints to have mercy and please pardon you for your ignorance and still intercede for you so you might have an easier time to get into Heaven. We are very fortunate that we are able to take full advantage of prayers and intercessions from Mary, the saints and angels. It’s a shame you don’t understand it but maybe you will one day.


Joseph Smith,

Are you a Mormon? Your profile says Protestant. We need to know your true position the sake of a fruitful Apologetics discussion. Thanks!


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