For Rumanian Orthodox members, question regarding Marriage

The bride we are preparing for marriage is a practicing Rumanian Orthodox and this couple is marrying in the Roman Catholic church of the groom. The bride’s priest told her that if she marries outside of the Rumanian Orthodox church, she is excommunicated. Can you explain this law of the church to me, please?

Maybe you can find information if you look into the Russian Orthodox Church??? IIRC most Orthodox require marriage in their churches but I feel I’m on really shaky ground here.

In Orthodox teaching, as in Byzantine Catholic teaching and praxis, the priest is the minister of marriage, and he bestows this mystery on the couple, just like he does the other Sacraments.

This is why Byzantine Catholic deacons cannot officiate at a marriage.

This is also why usually the Latin bishop will give a dispensation to have such marriages take place in the Orthodox church. That way the theologies of BOTH Churches are respected and satisfied.

Furthermore, Orthodox Christians are FORBIDDEN to receive any sacrament or ministration from a non-Orthodox minister under penalty of excommunication.

Thank you

From An Agreed Statement on Mixed Marriage (1971):

According to the view of the Orthodox Church the marriage of an Orthodox can only be performed by an Orthodox priest as the minister of the sacrament. In the view of the Catholic Church the contracting partners are the ministers of the sacrament, and the required presence of a Catholic major cleric as witness of the Church can be dispensed with for weighty reasons. In view of this, we recommend that the Catholic Church, as a normative practice, allow the Catholic party of a proposed marriage with an Orthodox to be married with the Orthodox priest officiating. This procedure should, however, take place only after consultation by the partners with both pastors.

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