for safety

For personal safety for my son and myself in a particular matter, and for safety of our household while we are vulnerable during this transitional time. My spouse has returned to stay in the home pending my relocation. For our safety from each other, for peace between the three of us, myself, my spouse and my son, as conflict tends to arise when the three of us co-reside, and it puts great stress on my son.

Also, that he stays out of trouble and complies on time, without snags, with legal requirements regarding trouble he has been in. And, especially, according to the Lord’s will in this matter, that he gain needed compensation for three years of disastrous harm pursuant to his eye injury in 2009, through the lawsuit pending against a neighbor’s home insurance.

Thank you for your prayers.

Father Almighty, I pray in union with lynnehelen for her intentions. Keep her and her son. Grant them calm, patience, understanding and kindness. May peace reign in their home. Help them in their legal troubles so that a positive outcome in their favor may be made. Amen.

Dear Friend,

Praying for you and I hope everything works okay.:heart:

May our Lady protect you and your family form harm and help you each to keep close to her Son. May charity prevail in your home and all contention cease. Amen.


Praying hard.

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