For sale: Systems that can secretly track where cellphone users go around the globe


< Makers of surveillance systems are offering governments across the world the ability to track the movements of almost anybody who carries a cellphone, whether they are blocks away or on another continent. >


I would not be surprised if they have already been doing this for a long time, just look at how long the NSA spying was going on, right under our noses, but it took Edward Snowden to break it wide open…Now, how many of you all actually believe the NSA would have come out and admitted this if Snowden had not done what he did? LOL

I would bet, besides the spying, they have probably been doing a whole lot more, that most people are not aware of!!

Look at the NRO (National reconnaissance Organization)…until a few years ago, no one even knew this govt agency even existed…wonder what they have been up to?! Ive read some really amazing things about their capabilities, most of their satellite technology is deep black super secret stuff, so anyones guess as to what they can truly do.


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