For Sara, who just got kicked out of her house

My friend Sara’s parents decided to kick her out of the house. Sara is 19, in the middle of a college degree she is paying for, and has very little money. Pray this works out, guys.

My prayers for Sara, that she continue to succeed in her young life and for healing in this family.

Praying for Sara and her parents.

O my Jesus mercy!


Praying for Sara, and for peace and healing within her family, through the intercession of Pope John Paul II.

~~ the phoenix

I will pray for her. :crossrc:

Praying for all of them!

I pray for Sara, that she finds a good place to stay, and for her continued studies in college.

Praying for Sara. :gopray:

Hail Mary…

Will pray the Sorrowful Mysteries for Sara.


I will keep Sara in prayer that all will unfold over time happily for her and all involved…
:gopray2: JMJ

I will pray for Sara…

Praying for Sara.

May this family listen to each other, and remember the blessings they have shared together, in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Go Sara, I will pray for you and that your family sees you as a student making her way

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