For some, Communism is not dead

Where does my religion say everyone should be equal. There is a difference between equal opportunity to pursue what floats your boat (called freedom), and the government deciding for you what you will do and how much you will get for it in the interest of the “greater good”. (called communism or tyranny)

For some, communism is not dead. Even Castro has admitted it doesn’t work.

What is a Catholic Communist as a religion?

Catilina is a troll… all of his/her posts have to do with promoting Communism. I bet he/she won’t even come back to read your arguments :shrug:

It was a centuries-old saying that “nobody starves in Russia”, the land was so bountiful. Stalin turned it into a starving land, all the while he was selling grain abroad in order to build up foreign reserve capital to buy foreign equipment, Soviet money being worthless except in the Soviet Union.

But some did not starve. Industrial workers were, comparatively speaking, favored, particularly if they spouted the right pro-Soviet statements at “union” meetings. Some, of course, were cast, willy-nilly into the maw of the Gulag because of ill-considered statements or the envy of others.

If one found oneself (as party functionaries and informants did) favored by the system, he was grateful that he was better off than his hapless neighbors, at least until the next purge. As Solzhenitsyn put it “…no bread tastes better than that which one snatches from the hands of a starving man…” There is many a pensioner of that system still living in Russia; many an informant, many a murderer, none of whom have been called to task for their crimes.

But there were other defects in human personality that drew people to its dark flame. As with Nazism (and other “isms” that have surfaced from time to time) it gave people enormous power over other people. There are those who are very much drawn to that; the power to settle old scores, the power to get women to do one’s bidding, the power to make people do something for no reward at all and, frankly, the power to kill. There are many in this world who revel in that dark power. There is also the power to get substantial numbers of people to do this or that simply because one in power decided to do it. That’s particularly appealing to some who spin “genius ideas” out of their own heads and want to demonstrate their “brilliance”. There was a lot of that in the Soviet Union.

Envy, murderousness, acquisitiveness, cruelty, lust. The Soviet regime provided unheard-of outlets for all of those things. The price, of course, was that it could be turned on the perpetrator in an instant, and often was.

And it’s not only in Russia that nostalgia for Communism (more acurately Leninism and Stalinism) exists. Plenty of it in the west today. Those communist sympathizers during the Cold War did not turn to Thatcherites or something just because the Soviet Union went under.

Salud Comrades!(even if you don’t like it^^)

Some “arguments” showed up here, so i will answer with some “arguments”

First a quote: “In Liberalism you are free to starve, in fascism, you starve of freedom”

Comrade JimG is revering to North Korea, which is a military dictature, which doesn’t have much more in common with communism, and the UdSSR, which system is also known as Soviet Socialism. Even the UdSSR did say, that what they have(back then), wasnt Communism. I plead Trotskist learnings, that communsim cant work in a world dominated by capitalism, so we have to spread the revolution, AND no totalitarism, but Councils to take descisions, but thats a short anectode.

Comrade NotCrazyDan says that communsim have to be set trough force, which is anew false. During the Spanish Civil War, there was, you could call it, democratic communsim. Everything ws collectivized, coucils, to decide on everything etc.
Of course, the collectivized land was taken by the landlords, but they oppressed the working class, and saying it short, they deserved it.
And more, i don’t think the wage-slavery, that is fashioned by the capitalistic system also fits in the 10 commandements…

Comrade markbrumbaugh says a lot of ********, but the endline where castro should have admitted that his system doesnt work anymore, not even for cuba, was in fact sarcasm, which the journalist didnt get.(he said so later)
Of course the propaganda meida forgot this little aspect, and so are people like you comrade markbrumbaugh who shout wrong quotes.

again comrade markbrumbaugh asked me what actholic Communism is, well it’s a combination of my religion(catholicism) with my believes. For me religion & politics are 2 different things, but figuring that i have to be honest about my believes, i also write it there.

well comrade kamaan, here i am, answering to your “arguments”, and to call me a troll, well shame on you^^

and finally comrade ridgerunner, during soviet russia the people were better off than now.(of course some oligarchs are rich as ****, they are better off)

A question from my side, does the 10 commandements say something about fascism, or totelaterism? Is it prohibed to enslave people? i dont remember anything saying against tyranny, or at least a patriarchal system, it seems to me that the catholic church is indeed such a society.

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