For strength


Hi everyone!
I have a special request… After careful consideration, I have decided to persue my rights as a grandparent. My 7 y/o grand daughter was taken from me with no advance warning by her mama, my daughter. Basically she has cut off all contact between me and Chloe’. It has gone on long enough and now I intend to seek legal help.
Please say a few for me…and Chloe’ I have a feeling things will get worse before they get better.



Saying prayers for God to guide you and give you His peace. May God’s will be done.



I’m praying now for you to receive peace from God!! Going to court against family is very difficult… May God bless you .


Praying for you and Chloe…


Praying for this situation.


Praying for you all.


~~ the phoenix


Prayers for your family.


Prayers. :gopray:


Will keep the situation and your granddaughter in prayer…


Thanks everyone. I go to see an attorney next Wednesday.


My prayers to the Holy Family for you and Chloe (and her mama too!)


Praying for you and Chloe :gopray:




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