For Teens dicerneing the Priesthood

Hey guys!

I’m 16 and I very seriously want to become a priest. I was just wondering if there were any other teens who are discerning the priesthood. What lead you into your discernment? Here is my vocation discernment story. I hope you share yours!

I started altar serving in 2014 and I think that’s what first got me thinking about the priesthood (sorry if this sounds cliche). I noticed that during Mass, I would watch the consecration and feel a strong desire to say Mass. In those moments I could really see myself holding the host and saying the consecration, and I imagined it as an indescribably intimate moment with the Lord.

In summer of 2014 I went to a Steubenville Conference. My youth group had 5 people total (sad, I know) but we grouped up with another youth group from another parish in our diocese, so we had a good group going. The weekend was a blast, but that’s another story… The other group had a seminarian and I became friends with him. After Steubenville I contacted this seminarian and he told me about a retreat at the seminary he attends. I wasn’t able to make it in 2014, but came to the retreat this March.

When I was at the seminary, I had this strong sense of “this…is…HOME!!!”. It was an amazing weekend of prayer, fellowship with the seminarians and other discerners, and fun. I had waited a VERY long time to go on the retreat, and it was amazing to finally be there in real life after seeing so many photos. I felt that I was at home, and I was VERY sad when I had to get on the bus to go back to my diocese.

I also have been helping out friends with problems. I know priests have to counsel people, and I’ve been helping my best friend who has depression, as well as another friend who is suicidal. I enjoy listening to people’s problems and offering advice. I love being there for people, even though they may not be there for me. I love being a face of mercy who is always ready to help them. I’m trying to do what Jesus would do. People usually don’t open up at first, but I get them to tell me their problems and offer help. Sure, they may not take my advice, but that’s on them. I just want to be there to offer consolation to the suffering. I feel like it’s what I’m meant to do!

I also would love to be able to Baptize the unbaptized, and to restore sinners back to a state of grace in Confession. I see the priesthood as one of the most amazing gifts God has given us, and I’m very sad that a lot of people may not see what I see in the priesthood. God’s mercy is given to us by priests!!! I remember some saint (I think it was St. John Vianney) who said something like “if we really understood what a priest is, we’d die of love”. How true!

I have this longing to be a priest. I just know deep down it’s my vocation, even though I experience doubts and negative feelings in discernment sometimes.

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I’m discerning my vocation as well, and multiple times a day, I have a huge debate in my mind whether priesthood is the path the Lord wants for me. If you really are that decided, I recommend that you read this book, To Save A Thousand Souls by Fr. Brett Brannen. It’s a guide for your discernment. It’s a really good book, and I highly suggest that you get this if you have not already. I’m not a big fan of reading, but I started glancing through the pages and now I can’t put it down! Here’s a link to receive a free copy with free shipping.
That’s where I got my copy.
Other than that, I only suggest that you meet with your parish priest and the vocational director of your diocese often.
Good luck!

Here’s what I have experienced so far. (Btw, I’m 17)
On Easter Sunday, I decided I should dust the altar I have in my room. When I was dusting, I realized that I don’t have much on it; so I bought statues of my patron saints online. When they came, I set them on the altar and I prayed (partly to welcome the saints into my house). Two of the four happened to be priests, but I didn’t realize that then. I’m a dedicated Nursing major with my whole life planned out like a book; and I have had a really bad prayer life, and really just welcomed the saints as a childhood tradition (and you’ll know why I said that in a bit). When I ended my prayer, I stood up and went to my computer. As soon as I opened it, I started questioning whether nursing really is my profession (and I never questioned it before). And then, out of nowhere, I started asking myself if I can be a priest. All the time since then, I would ask myself that question (not exaggerating; it’s just like a shadow eternally following me). Then my life flashed before my eyes, with emphasis on events that concern my discernment.[LIST]
*]When I was really little and I pretended I was a priest (my dad was the altar server)
*]When I hot my first Tau cross
*]When my classmates said they think I would be a priest when I grow up
*]When I went to Church and asked the Mother of Perpetual Help to ask God for a sign (that if He wants me to be a priest, to give me a Bible on my birthday
*]When my roommate gave me a Bible on my birthday three years later
And I remembered when the Blessed Virgin Mary visited me in my dreams too.
The Sunday that followed, I went to Mass, and then the homily was about the celebrant priest’s discernment story. And I noticed that after all of that, everytime I went to Mass, I would get this unexplainable ecstasy, and whenever I look to the crucifix, I felt like I was having a one-on-one conversation with Jesus (really as if absolutely no one was there). That’s really how I was convinced. In a few weeks, I’ll be talking to the vocational director of my diocese, and I suggest that you do too.
I am very new to forum so I don’t know how to send private messages to other users, but if you don’t mind, I would love it if we can privately communicate and go through this discernment together. :slight_smile:

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