For the afflicted, the perplexed, and the sinful: Free hugs!


:hug3: :hug1:
:hug3: :hug1:
:hug3: :hug1:
:hug3: :hug1:


Thank you! :slight_smile:




hugs back


God Bless


I’ll take your hug.



Thanks “Eucharisted”. I had a bad day, the hugs help. God bless you.



“Perplexed”–now *there’s *a word you don’t hear every day. A very good word, too.


Thank you so much.


Thank you!


Aye, thank you.

I needed a hug. I mean, really needed a hug.

hugs back




I’ll take a hug, too. Thank you.




I don’t want a hug.

I want a chest bump and a fist pump.

Eddie Mac


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