For the family of Charlie T

I just learned the friend of a friend has suffered a great loss. Her son Charlie, aged 2, was killed on the 11th, run over by accident by his great uncle at a storage facility.

The boy cried and screamed after the accident and passed into brain death in his grandmother’s arms, dying at a hospital some time later.

The grandmother refuses to speak with the great-uncle. And the child’s mother is moving out of her home–she can’t bear to face all those reminders of her son.

A cute little red-headed boy, Charlie was much-loved in his community. Please pray for him and his family at this time of tremendous loss…

Oh Great Father, you know personally the suffering endured during the loss of a child and their suffering. Please bring this family together and let them forgive this poor man.

God I pray for the soul of this child, I pray for the suffring of the uncle, I pray for the memories the grandmother will endure, and I pray for the poor mother.

I am so terribly sorry about this. Please be assured that they are all in my prayers.

Praying for Charlie T. and the family. May our Lord Jesus bring peace, love, understanding and comfort to all of them. Lord, fill them with your loving heart to be able to forgive one another. Bring them peace. Amen.:signofcross: :gopray2:

Praying for him and his family with tears in my eyes. God, please help this family during this trying time.


Apparently the mother donated Charlie’s eyes, heart, and other organs.

I never met the child, but my friend sent me photos of him, and it just killed me.

Thanks for all the prayers.

May God heal this family during this grievous time. Be assured of my prayers for all, including the repose of Charlie’s soul.

praying for the intention…

A terribly sad loss…tragic…will keep this situation in prayer… JMJ


Praying for Charlie and his family…

Also praying for the guy that ran him over. He’s going to have to live with that the rest of his life and that’s not going to be easy. God help them all!

I’m not 100% sure about this, but I gathered from the obituaries that the child suffered from some degree of hearing loss, and may even have been totally deaf, which could explain the accident somewhat.

Thanks for the prayers. I’ve never met this child or his family, but I was much disturbed by the story and touched by his brief life.

Dear Lord, I pray for this man… His life will never be the same… Please relieve him of guilt and bring him peace.

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