For the fans of Eduardo Verastegui

You know who you are. Unfortunately the site is in Spanish but you can donate where it says Donacion.

A very rough translation of the the mission statement on the web site would be:

"At this time, the Manto de Guadalupe team can be found working on the Women’s Medical Center project, located in Los Angeles, California, which will be opening its doors soon.

This clinic will be an oasis of life in the middle of a desert of death, where there are 10 abortion clinics. This medical center will help the pregnant woman, offering her high quality medical attention throughout her pregnancy.

We will be the voice for those who do not have a voice, and defend those who aren’t able to defend themselves. If every woman had an abdomen of glass, none would abort, because they would see the miracle that they are carrying inside.

You are part of that mission; that which will allow us to continue saving innocent lives is in your hands. Giving a monthly amount would help the center be able to continue giving light to many women in need."

Then there’s a desription of how the morning after pill works, which talks about its potential abortifacient properties.

Sorry the translation is a bit rough; so is my Spanish. :slight_smile:

Since I was translating it in my head anyway, I thought I’d provide it in case it is helpful to someone. Plus writing it down made me look up brindar and vientre instead of just guessing. :smiley:


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