For the health of an unborn child


I only have a few seconds, but I just heard from my sitter. She is 2.5 months pregnant and at her dr. appt. today, they could not find a heartbeat for her baby. Please pray for the health and safety of her baby. Please pray that she will have the strength to get through whatever God has planned. Her name is Mayra. Thank you for your support and prayers.


:signofcross: Praying for Mayra and her unborn baby. May she be filled with God’s peace and may the baby be healthy and safe.


Praying for Mayra and baby. Lord Jesus, please grant this mother and her child with good health and peace during this time. I ask this in the Jesus Christ. Amen.



I will include Mayra in my night prayers.


I’ll say some prayers for her and her baby too.


I have been praying for this family all day. Thank you all that have offered your prayers as well. Hopefully through the grace and mercy of Our Lord Mayra will find peace. I will try to update tomorrow evening.


Mayra has my prayers…


Praying for Mayra and her unborn child. :gopray:


I too will pray for health of mother and child.

God bless,




Mayra’s unborn baby was taken up to the Lord.

Sweet Jesus, stand with Mayra in her time of need and grief. Please grant her peace. Amen :gopray:



My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.



Praying hard for Mayra and her baby!





:frowning: I’m so sorry to hear this news. I will pray for Mayra and her family’s comfort and strength. May God bless them with a healthy baby soon.


I pray to our Blessed Mother that she intercede to her child, Jesus, for the safety of your sister’s child.


May The Lord receive this darling child into His arms of great
Compassion and Love…and may He bring comfort and consolation to you and all family and friends…


Praying for the mother and the soul of the baby now…:frowning:

Will keep them in my prayers.

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