For the Ladies: Natural 'that time of month' remedies

I am not seeking medical advice. I have been to a doctor and have Endo. I know what treatments are available for it. One I will not do, birth control pills, the other I am unable to do at this time, surgeries. That being said I have 2-3 weeks of symptoms before I even start, including much pain, mood troubles, weight gain, nausea, getting sick and extra fatigue. During that time of month I have very heavy bleeding, pain and cramps that put me in bed, getting sick, among other things. So yes, this is an almost cycle long battle for me and I’m not even able to take my pain medication anymore due to a stomach condition I’ve developed. :rolleyes: Looking for what types of things have helped others in similar situations. Natural remedies, OTCs, things like that. Thanks so much. :slight_smile:

Seeking advice to manage a medical condition is asking for medical advice. Please consult with medical professionals.

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