For the Love of God!


I am a new Catholic just confirmed at Easter Vigil this year. I want to tell you how much love I have found in my life the last few months. My sponsor was a very wonderful, God loving woman and with her help, I feel I made a very good start into the Catholic faith. She has given me so many things to read. I am currently reading a nightly devotions book. She also subscribed to the Magnificat as a gift for my confirmation. What I found in every thing I read is God’s love.

I have made my life’s goal is to learn to love all people as God loves us. Each time I go to mass I ask God to guide my feet on the path he wants me to follow.

My first real challenge was driving home from work one night after work and I had a “gentleman” in a car who was sure it was his lot in life to be the first in a line of cars. My first reaction was to cut him off. But then I stopped and asked myself, shouldn’t I love this man? So I let it go, I smiled and let him pass. I felt so much better. I was not angry anymore. I didn’t feel the overwhelming desire to speed up and pass him.

Each day I have found a new challenge to loving everyone. However, I am determined to succeed at this.

A gentleman spoke at a meeting I was at last Sunday and said that he was so very tired and stessed out from a long day at work one day and was driving home from work. He had a long drive ahead of him and said he just didn’t know how he was going to make it. He decided that each car that passed him, he would ask God to bless that person. He said pretty soon he began to feel wonderful.By the time he got home, he was no longer tired and stressed, he felt invigorated. I thought to myself when I heard his talk, what a wonderful story.

Let’s talk about the love of God. How we feel it in our lives. How we share his love with the world.

This is a subject that makes me so happy.


Congratulations on you and becoming Catholic. The road is very long and hard. But just keep loving and submit to Gods merciful will and it will all be OK.

God Bless all you do in the name of Jesus


Ahh the wonderfull honeymoon period.


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