For the parents of all unborn babies

My babysitter lost her unborn baby. Please offer your prayers for the souls of all babies taken to the Lord, and to the parents of all of them.

Lord bless and cradle in your arms the unborn babies that are lost through miscarriage or other reasons of illness as they are your children and are with you and you love them . Father strengthen the parents of these babies as they hurt from the loss . But lord let them know you are there for them and you are blessing them, . Thank you Father , in Jesus’s name , amen . / John

O Sovereign Master, Lord our God, Who was born of the all-pure Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary, and as an infant was laid in a manger: do You Yourself, according to Your great mercy, have regard for this Your servant who has miscarried that which was conceived in her. Heal her suffering, granting to her, O Loving Lord, health and strength of body and soul. Guard her with a shining Angel from every assault of sickness and weakness and all inward torment. You who accept the innocence of infancy in Your Kingdom, comfort the mind of Your servant and bring her peace. Amen


Will say an All Souls chaplet

Keeping your babysitter and her darling unborn child in prayer along with your other intentions for parents and unborn babes…

Praying for these intentions…


Praying for the babysitter and all.:signofcross:

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