For the salvation of my siblings


Hi everyone. Could you all please pray for the salvation of all my siblings? All but one is out of church and has been for a long time. The one sister who does go to church attends a Pentecostal church with her husband but I am not sure of her commitment to this church. None of my family is Catholic. I am the lone Catholic in my immediate and near family. One of my sisters is a bisexual Atheist. My brother just doesn’t understand Christianity. Please pray for my siblings conversion and salvation. Thank you.




Will pray for your siblings, Holly.


Jesus, Mary, I love You, save souls. Especially these brothers and sisters of your daughter Holly. Lead all to conversion and newness of life in you. Help them to come to know you as we do. How merciful and gentle and loving and forgiving you are, even when life is harsh or doesn’t make sense. Lead them all safely away from their lives of sin and home to your Church. Amen.



Just to claify, what exactly are they supposed to be saved from?


Their sins. I am asking that they convert and that they make it to Heaven.


And if they don’t make it to heaven then where do they end up?




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