For the soul of L. Alderidge and his family


Can I ask you all to say a prayer for the Alderidge family… My mom just called to tell me that my “grandpa’s” son died unexpectedly on Saturday. They think he had a heart attack, but the whole family is taking it very hard, especially my grandpa. Please just remember the family in your prayers as well as the soul of Mr. Alderidge. :gopray2:


My prayers are with you and your family. May God bring you peace, healing and family unity during these hard times. May God bring Mr. Alderidge’s soul to him and allow him to rest in peace.


:gopray: Prayers.


May his soul and all souls through God’s Mercy rest in Peace and may Perpetual Light shine upon him. May The Lord comfort and console all family and friends, especially your grandpa, at this very very sad time…


Praying for the family.


Praying for his soul and for the family…






Praying for the soul of L. Alderidge and his family.


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