For the virtue of hope


Lord Jesus Christ, You had absolute hope in the Eternal Father; I beg of You, for the sake of Your Sorrowful Passion, mindful of Your words “Whatever you ask of Me in light of My Passion, I will give to you”, to give all souls the virtue of hope - so that, with joy and courage, fortitude and trust in God, eyes on the Son and feet on the ground, we may all live in You and die in You. Amen.



Lord Jesus Christ, it is by God’s grace alone that we can receive this hope. Please pray for us, as we trust You do, so that we can truly have this hope. As lost as this world seems, we need this hope that only You can give us.

Please help us hope in You!


Wow … What timing … Here a friend of mine just sent me an e-mail today with an article on the Pope and “Christ Our Hope!” (If that friend wishes to step forward, post, and join us, please feel welcome!) :slight_smile:

Joining you in prayer …

~~ the phoenix


Ooh, good one. I’ll pray for this for myself and others too. :gopray:


I have to note that I read this at perfect timing because I just finished the book “Crossing the Threshold of Hope” by His Holiness John Paul II tonight.

Praying for the virtue of hope is most appropriate now and always!

Thanks again!

May God bless us with hope in Jesus’ promise of salvation through His Death and Resurrection!


God grant you hope, and all the gifts He desires to give for you and for others through you.

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