For the wife of my Co-Worker in Spain. Risky birth on Monday (June 25)

The wife of my co-worker in Spain is scheduled to have a c-section on Monday due to having a seizure during her pregnancy (This will be their 4th child).

They will have to totally sedate her to reduce the chance of another seizure that could be brought on by Labor and put a tube in to help her breath just in case she does have a seizure.


St Gerard, patron of women in childbirth, watch over this woman and her unborn child.



Praying for the child and mother.

May God bless them! :gopray:


:gopray: :signofcross:


Will offer this up at mass this a.m.

Prayers for your co-worker and his wife and mother - may they be comforted by God’s love and compassion at this scarey and anxious time. May peace and comfort and good health be theirs soon. Amen.

Update: No official word yet, but one of my co-workers here got an eMail with a picture of the baby (we think) from my co-worker in Spain’s cell phone. It is only 10 PM there so he may still be at the hospital.

Awesome!! :slight_smile:

God is good! Prayers for the continued health of mother and baby and a speedy and complete recovery :gopray2:

Update 2: Just got word from our office in Spain. Both baby (Grace) and mother are doing good.

Wonderful news!! :crossrc:

Yea! And I love that name, Grace.:slight_smile:


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