For this disability advocate, Colo. assisted suicide measure still not safe



“I think Compassion and Choices is just trying to play on the ignorance of voters and count on the ignorance of voters,” she added. “If people are educated about this proposal, they will not support it.”

–Carri Ann Lucas, an attorney and board member for Not Dead Yet, a disability rights group.


In what kind of strange world is someone in favor of euthanizing the disabled called an “disability advocate”?


The disability rights advocate quoted in the article is opposed to euthanizing the disabled, and opposed to assisted suicide. The organization of which she is a member has been opposing assisted suicide for a long time now.


I should have read the article.:blush:


I believe in 20 years we’ll see a lot of euthanizing some kinds of disabled persons. If the “progressives” can stomach partial birth abortion, killing severely disabled people won’t trouble them.

Of course, they’ll call it something else, claim the disabled wanted it or whatever. But it will be killing.

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