for those abused or raped, is it possible to forgive?

I found myself at lost of how to forgive such cruelty? I found myself very difficult to do so.
I’ve been abused when I was a kid. I prefer to live far away from people who have done this. If they one day showed up in my front door, I might kick them out and never ever wanna see their faces again. It feels impossible to forgive what they have done.

In the Old Testament, from the rape of Dinah to the rape of Tamar. The people who love their sisters (Simeon & Levi brothers of Dinah, Absalom brother of Tamar) find themselves unable to let go of such atrocity that they chose to do another grave sin, killed the rapist, even wiped out his whole tribe (in this case, Dinah’s rapist).

Such unforgiving wrath.

What do you think or say about this?

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