For Those of You That Have Played Devil May Cry or Bayonetta

is it Good? i love Ninja Gaiden, because of the difficulty & i’m a capcom Fan, i hear Dante Must Die Mode is Very Hard & i hear that the japanese version lf the series is way harder But, is this game satanic at all? Ninja Gaiden You do fight giant demons But, i play the game for the challenge & its kinda fun fighting hard bosses But is it Bayonetta or DMC satanic ? Since Bayonetta is made the from creator of DMC just like Dino Crisis is Made from Shinji Makami (Creator of Resident Evil / the japanese name BioHazard)

& is watching Anime is demonic stuff Bad? Yes, i watch it in japanese ^.^ but Anime is awesome like Fullmetal Alchemist, Bleach, Etc even old Anime is better i respect all Anime (EXCEPT Yaoi and Yuri) it doesn’t affect me, i just enjoy watching it Sometimes,

i Played the Bayonetta demo, & its pretty awesome & i hear its very hard on the higher difficulties just like DMC, maybe because its a successor to DMC

just like BlazBlue is the successor to Guilty Gear

Btw What are your favoriteGenre’s

of Games Mine Are Fighting, RPG, Horror, Action, Adventure, i use to like FPS but they bore me now Sold MW2 for Super Street Fighter 4 (Which i also play in japanese) with the Arcade HUD, any game that’s japanese i play in japanese mostly the english voice acting on MGS is excellent but i like the japanese voice acting a tad better

Mikami* Shinji Mikami

With demonic stuff* Since it wont let me edit it -_-

Sorry for the bad grammar im using my ps3 to type this Forgive Me.

I haven’t played Bayonetta, but I have played through DMC.

DMC is a pretty awesome game and if you love Ninja Gaiden, you will love DMC. The content of the game touches on demons and organised religion, but it is cliche fantasy that is there to furnish the story and setting. No danger to your faith.

Bayonetta on the other hand has you fighting angels…but these end up being demons pretending to be angels. A friend of mine owns it and says the storyline doesn’t make an ounce of sense. The point of the game is fun, challenging, addictive gameplay and it appears that is what you are after. You say you’ve played the demo, so if you had no qualms about it then I doubt you will have any about the rest of the game.

Buy both and enjoy. Hope that helps.

But would it be a sin for me buying it? i REALLY Wanna play dante must die Mode Thanks for replying, i’ve seen DMCs difficulty & i want it !! Ninja gaiden is only fun on the higher difficulties lol

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