For those Protestants who believe in a Pre-Trib Rapture

Paul, in 2 Thessalonians 2:1-8 … teaches Post-Trib is the correct scenario.

Actually I’m Catholic and I’ve studied the rapture extensively. In Daniel 12:1 it desribes Michael the Archangel rescuing those whose names are written in the book of life. In order for there not to be a rapture there would be wrath after the 2nd coming. That’s not logical.

So … what’s your understanding, based on ALL of scripture ? Pre or Post ?

5 reasons there is no pre-tribulation rapture

There is no rapture; it was unknown as a teaching until the 1800s.

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First, please do not miss the fact that I am a Free Methodist Minister. I cannot speak officially for my own church, much less the Catholic Church :slight_smile:

This whole matter is very complex and much more involved then one might think. I reject the idea of a “pre-tribulation” rapture, first of all because it results in many Biblical problems that simply are not there is one accepts the traditional “post-tribulation” viewpoint. It would take more space than we have here to explain it all, but that is the bottom line.

Second, as a Wesleyan, I recognize the value of tradition (or the view of the church through the centuries) in matter not essential to salvation. Many views have been throughout the history of the church - but the “pre-tribulation rapture” was unheard of before 1830. Before then, it was not even a minority view. Furthermore, it began as a “revelation” given to a 13 year old girl. Only after this was a Scriptural case built for it. It is not reasonable to expect that no one would have seen this truth for the first 1800 years of the church.

Finally, I think it is significant that in my denomination - which does not take a specific position on the rapture - about 2/3 of the ministers I have met are “post-trib”, whie the vast majority of laypeople are “pre-trib”. This says a lot. The pre-tribulation rapture is basically “popular theology” that is mostly promoted in the Christian media. It is rejected by most Evangelical Clergy.

Anyway, that’s my .02 worth. Since this doctrine got started in Evangelical circles, I thought this might help.

Yes, I was a bit taken aback to see Catholics arguing on the rapture.

Last I checked it isn’t a concept accepted by the Catholic Church.

Only after this was a Scriptural case built for it. It is not reasonable to expect that no one would have seen this truth for the first 1800 years of the church.

This whole matter is very complex and much m involved then one might think.

First of all there is much written about the rapture before the 1800’s. It is also incorrect that we will initially be saved from wrath but rather confusion. The antichrist first of all means in place of Christ. He will be so convincing that Jesus says even the elect will be deceived if that were possible.

Thank you for your question. Is there any biblical proof there will not be a rapture?

Since there was much written pre-1800’s on the rapture hypothesis, please provide us with some links so we can be informed. Thanks

The Catholic view of rapture is very simple.

There is no such thing.


Actually, it is.

They just don’t typically call the reappearing of Christ [his Second Coming], as the Rapture. The term rapture is preferred by the Protestants. And Catholics particularily reject the Pre-Trib, secret rapture of the Christians … as proposed by Darby & promoted in the LEFT BEHIND books, by Hal Lindsey.

Paul is very clear on the Rapture event the ‘catching up’ ] of the Dead in Christ, & those still alive, to meet Christ at his reappearing. Catholic do accept this endtime teaching in scripture.

The Evangelical idea of rapture goes far beyond the simple idea of ressurection which is traditionally drawn from those beliefs. While you could call it “rapture”, as the word originates from the latin translation of the Greek, it has very little in common. It is therefore a misnomer to say that Catholics and Evangelicals hold to a similar theology on the subject.

Are we suppose to be raptured before the antichrist takes over?


These are the views of the end times.

Well I dont want to be here when he comes.:eek:

You shouldn’t be afraid of him or the devil for that matter.

Well I’ll refuse to take my mark.:slight_smile:

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