For those struggling with grades or with kids struggling with grades


Just a little pick-me up for anyone who is struggling with school or who is concerned about a kid who is just not making the grade…

I think most of us are probably familiar with Fr. Pacwa from EWTN. I personally adore this man, I even had a Fr. Mitch appreciation thread on the Popular Media board. Anyways, if you don’t know about him, he basically has all kinds of degrees in theology and speaks every language you can think of. I have been known to refer to him as “the smartest man alive” from time to time. Anyways, I was listening to his program last night and a 24 year old man called up who was interested in becoming a Jesuit. His only concern was his less than stellar academic record. SO, that’s when Fr. Mitch tells him that he was a terrible student in his youth! He graduated high school in the bottom quarter of his class and steadily got a D- in Math and English. In his first semester of college, a professor told him to go home because he was wasting his time there and would never succeed. Fr. Mitch Pacwa!!! If you have heard him speak…you understand how thoroughly brilliant this man is. Anyway…once he really found his passion in the Lord he continued his studies on and on and was teaching at the University level for many years and holds many advanced degrees. Why am I posting this? Well because I am sure there are some students on here who are struggling. Also, there are probably a lot of parent’s who just had an open house and the teacher told them their child was struggling. Or some parents might be disappointed that their kids are not making A’s and are so frustrated. I just want to show you that in the end…it is God who will bring success, not the markings on a report card. Especially in today’s society, when parents are picking out colleges for their kids in pre-school. I just want to remind everyone, that with God all things are possible and sometimes it takes truly finding our calling before we can focus.


Our Parish Priest has a very similar story. He likes to recount it to the school kids. He was also a terrible student, even labled “remedial” for most of his schooling. When he entered college and then seminary, he was suddenly able to read and understand very well. His education then blossomed from there. He is just so darn smart and insightful. It’s amazing what God can do!


Don’t forget St Joseph Cupertino. He was told to leave the Capuchins because he was “so slow.” Turns out, he was being distracted by God’s voice :smiley:

He was known for many miracles and the ability to levitate!


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