For those that have been mormon...


For those here that have been mormon, what was it like leaving the church?

What is it like for you now that you left the church?


Leaving isn’t too hard. It’s getting to that point that is difficult. :wink:

After the realization hits that the church is not true, there’s a transitory phase for many. They think about “well I know *that’s *not the truth, but what now?” Some burn bridges and just leave, some pretend to believe for others, some go into denial, some leave for other churches, and some stop believing in anything.

When I converted to Mormonism, I believed all Christian religions were basically the same and it didn’t matter. There was only so much of the weirdness in that church I could take though.

So for me, it was just a relief to leave. No one actively tried to get me back, probably because I wasn’t all that good of a Mormon from the beginning.

Tithing was a big one, I didn’t like to give them 10% of my income not knowing where it’s going, when i was only making $600 a month. I asked where it was going, and no one gave me a straight anwser, but reinforced that if I didn’t pay it was stealing from God.

I just couldn’t pretend I believed that, or any number of other things anymore, so it was a relief to be out. Our family has a number of different religions/non-religious, so the social and family pressure many have wasn’t there for me.

A Kahlua and Coffee has never tasted better though. :coffeeread:


It was very difficult. But, when I finally acknowledged that I believed something different about God than what I was hearing at church, it became a matter of, “well, what am I going to do now”?

It was complicated, because as time passed for me in the LDS church, my faith continued to weaken. But at the same time, I was afraid that if I did walk away, I would even lose what little faith I had left. I prayed…A LOT…for a very long time…years in fact. I asked God to stay with me, and to please help me to know what to do.

When I finally decided to leave, I prayed that I would be able to avoid leaving feeling angry (because I knew that many people who leave the LDS faith do go away very angry, feeling as though they have been “duped”). God blessed me with the grace to leave, but not leave angry.

I don’t know what would have happened if I had not listened to the voice inside that said “go to the Catholic church”. I had no idea where to turn. Once I started learning about apostolic succession, the saints, history: good and bad, I knew I was finally home. Again, by God’s grace.

Then I learned about the Real Presence of Jesus in the sacrament of the Eucharist. I had never imagined how literally was Jesus our Manna from heaven!

I’m grateful that I can finally trust the Bible; not only “as far as it is translated correctly”. I can read from its pages without trying to make such important doctrines fit that just don’t fit. I’m grateful for the merciful and charitable works of the catholic church and the amazing faith that has been passed down for 2000 years. I love the teaching that pro-life does not just mean anti-abortion.

I miss certain aspects of the LDS church but mostly it is just difficult living and working among so many people who are so sure that they belong to the true church, and that it is a restoration of an apostate faith - a faith I now hold so dear. It could be much worse though. I’m acutely aware of that.

I’m grateful to have found the Catholic church. (even better, as I have heard others say: “the Catholic church found me”). :heaven:


You can find many, many Mormon exodus stories here:

I’ve spent countless hours reading through the agonies and joys of folks leaving mormonism…


it was very hard. Most mormon friends and my mormon family members just quit associating with me. nothing hostile or mean, they just don’t have much time outside of their church life. My parents are convinced I’m going to the telestial kingdom and they will be saddened by having to leave their infinite spirit children in their new world to come and visit me in that dreary place. :rolleyes:

It has been a difficult transition for my wife because the Catholic church doesn’t have the built-in socializing of the LDS church and she struggles to meet people in our parish that she can be friends with. My kids love it.

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