For those who are sad on Christmas Day


My thoughts and prayers have been very much with you, and all who feel lonely, sad, and hurt on Christmas day and in this Christmas season.

Please accept my love and prayer.

And may we all prayer for comfort and healing and peace for our sad and troubled ones out there


// thank you… :slight_smile:


I work with homeless, unemployed people and yesterday, as I was covering the front desk, I saw a man in our resource room suddenly start crying. I turned away out of embarrassment for him, and moments later, he left, wishing me a wonderful holiday.
As I sat with my children last night, I told the story as we prayed and thanked God for our blessings of love for one another.
It is good to be mindful of the sorrows and the blessings of this world, Thanks for pointing this out so we can look around with understanding at those who are suffering.



i have been blessed to spend time with my family this christmas althought last year, i was on a 36 hour duty in the hospital and i have been quite depressed seeing the sick elderly and the dying. we even had one patient dying at the ER dying on christmas day. that was really really sad. it didnt felt like christmas at all. but after all that, i just had to go on and the Lord assures me that He is still around us. no matter what the circumstances and that we need to continue to pray for one another.
my prayer list will now be added up with lonely and sad people but i hope not for long.
thank you




Praying for all alone and hurting. God Bless all those that care and help them…



thank you for posting this. I join my prayers with all of yours.



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