For those who believe in OSAS


If you are ‘saved’, and then you deliberately kill your mother, and die without ever repenting or having remorse for this, do you still go to heaven?

From what you believe about God, do you think He would just let people get away with that, like He doesn’t really care?

What kind of a father makes a rule he refuses to enforce? Don’t you think, that if a rule isn’t enforced, then whoever made it doesn’t consider it to be very important?

If you accept Christ as your Lord, but then disobey Him so gravely, doesn’t that mean you don’t accept Him as your Lord anymore?

Humans are frail and fickle creatures. It’s very easy for us tom make a promise one year, and then break it the next year. Or even break a resolution we made one day, the next day. Do you think that God doesn’t mind if we break our promises, as long as we at least made the promise once in the first place?

Or do you think that it’s impossible for a human to change their mind? Do you know even one person who has gone a year without changing their mind or breaking a promise or resolution?

Even if I wasn’t a Catholic, I still wouldn’t believe in OSAS. It doesn’t hold any water.


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