For those who don't see abortion as a big problem

I created this website to illustrate just how often innocent children are murdered in our world today:

The numbers reflect data collected by the Guttmacher Institute.

Any and all feedback is welcome. My prayer is that seeing this will help those (such as myself) who learn most effectively with interactive, visual presentation.


Our Father, who art in Heaven
Hallowed be Thy name,
Thy kingdom come,
Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven,
Give us this day our daily bread,
And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us,
And lead us not into temptation,
But deliver us from evil (especially the evil of abortion)


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If you feel like the site would help someone you know, please consider forwarding it to them.

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Your site deserves wide attention. Even one abortion is a major problem. Western civilization is in a death spiral because of contraception and abortion, yet the pro-aborts feel justified in asserting them as a “right.”

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The clock is a lie . Just because a country has an abortion every so many seconds on average, does not mean there is an actual abortion.

The deaths of children via those abortions are sadly not a lie. And if the clock is only supposed to represent the average number of abortions occurring in a certain period it still illustrates comprehensvely the huge waste of human life and potential that abortion encompasses.

Do you label all approximations as lies? It might get slightly ahead at times, it might be slightly behind at times. But averages ARE useful indicators of trends. You aren’t really disputing that, are you?

I am disputing that past experience equates to current reality. The clock needs to confirm current abortions.

Yes, let’s install a counter in every abortion clinic to click a mouse every time a baby gets sucked into a sink. You are ridiculous.

The website is great, thanks mgoforth!

I am sorry you think honesty and accuracy are ridiculous. The problem could be fixed with a simple caveat.

Dan, I think it’s completely obvious that the clock program is based on average rates. No caveat is necessary. Perhaps there’s another, more fundamental reason you don’t like the site?

Also, the law of large numbers (and these are VERY large numbers we’re talking about) says that the average will end up being extremely close to the actual over time.

Another way to think about this…

Leading Causes of Death in the US in 2010 (from the CDC website)

Diseases of the heart = 595,444
Malignant neoplasms (cancer) = 573,855
Chronic lower respiratory diseases = 137,789
Cerebrovascular diseases = 129,180
Accidents (unintentional injuries) = 118,043
Alzheimer’s disease = 83,308
Diabetes mellitus = 68,905
Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome and nephrosis = 50,472
Influenza and pneumonia = 50,003
Intentional self-harm (suicide) = 37,793
Septicemia = 34,843
Chronic liver disease and cirrhosis = 31,802
Essential hypertension and hypertensive renal disease = 26,577
Parkinson’s disease = 21,963
Pneumonitis due to solids and liquids = 17,001
All other causes = 488,954

Wait…what was this thread about…? Oh yeah:

Abortions = 1,212,400

To be fair, the abortion number is from 2008. Maybe the number has dropped over the previous 3 years? As Dan noted earlier, we can’t say for sure that the problem is that large anymore. It might only be as large as heart disease and cancer combined now.

So, let’s play it safe and round our estimate down…say “Murder in infancy = 1.1 million”.

Huh? Isn’t murder one of the causes of death already? Yeah, it’s lumped into “all other causes” because the number is only 14,748.

Well we don’t want to seem like a violent society. This is America, the most civilized and “nice” country in the world. Why don’t we say:

Murder of people who matter = 14,748
Murder of people who apparently don’t matter = 1.1 million

Hey, look at that…through the miracle of classifying them as “non-human” we don’t have to feel guilty at all about the millions of babies…oops I mean fetuses, sorry, sorry…that are being murdered…uuhhh, I mean “taken care of” :wink: ;)…right under our very noses! :thumbsup:

Lord, have mercy on ALL of us as we remain silent like good little politically correct boys and girls.


Guttmacher Institute:


From the United Nations:


Even if we assume the past experience is an accureate prediction (which we cannot assume), you still have not taken into account that the past rate is not uniform. For the most obvious example, most abortions are preformed during the day; few are performed during the middle of the night. You need to take that into account.

No, frankly I don’t need to. If you have a better method, then by all means make your own website.

You’re either missing the point, or you’re purposely arguing about minutia to distract the discussion from the absolute horror these numbers represent (trolling). I’m guessing it’s the latter. I will not be distracted though.

For now, the website is what it is. End of discussion from me.

Let’s refocus. Do you believe abortion is a big problem, Dan? Do you believe it’s a problem at all?? If not, I invite you to state your case.

I believe that abortion is a major issue that needs to be discussed with absolute accuracy and honesty. You seem to disagree. I don’t think we as a society will ever be able to have a constructive dialogue on abortion as long people take it as their right to be sloppy and avoid the hard work to achieve complete accuracy. Your clock could be fixed with a caveat or by doing extremely hard work. You are choosing to do neither.

I understand that you have strong feelings about abortion. Don’t those strong feelings tell you to be absolutely accurate?

Hello Dan,

The point is, millions have died in the United States. With all due respect to our Jewish neighbors, if additional records are found that put the final figure at 6.2 million dead as opposed to 6 million, the horror is not diminished at all.

If you look closely at the facts about abortion, the trend is death every year after Roe v. Wade. The figures may vary but the point remains. I was there when abortion supporters tried to convince Americans that abortion “should be safe and rare.” The exact opposite has proven the point. And, as a country, we were lied to:


Listening to strong feelings leads to bad decisions. However, my logic tells me that I could waste a lot of time trying to get these numbers “absolutely accurate”, but that it’s not possible to do so. By the time I had finished calling every abortion center in the country and getting their exact counts, those counts would have changed and I’d have to start over again. I would never be able to present my findings. My logic also says that you’re smart enough to know this already, and you’re trolling.

I’ve tried to be courteous to you, Dan. But if you sidetrack the discussion with this same point again I’ll report you to the moderator. Like I said, if you have a magical method to count abortions in real-time then do it. Otherwise, please drop it and contribute something real to the conversation.

You’re in my prayers, brother.

The car you drive is made based on assumptions much more suspect than the ones being discussed here. Do you also object to the selling of cars?

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