For those who don't see abortion as a big problem

Why not add a caveat?

Dan, if you look at the top of the page, it says: “Each red flash you see represents a life lost.
On average, an unborn child’s life is ended in the world every 3/4 of a second…
…or 113,973 children every day.”

That’s clear enough for everyone else, so it’s going to have to do for you as well.

You are still assuming past experience is accurately predicting current abortions. You need a caveat.

It might be a good idea to report abortions daily, taking the previous day’s count, and posting it on the internet or newspaper: “Yesterdays’s abortion numbers: ___” It would be good to have a state by state breakdown, to see where the most unborn children are being killed on a daily basis. We would also be able to see if the trends are up or down. Perhaps abortion clinics could post the numbers on outside signs, showing cumulative abortions to date.

Not going to happen, but if we are fantasizing, I’d like to see reporting of emergency calls from abortion clinics for botched abortions where the woman was injured.

Still a good website.

No more discussing abortion. Time to take action:

:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: Absolutely! I’m helping out with 40 Days in Charlotte, NC.

I’m going to be praying in Houston!

Houston Coalition for Life


You think abortion is a big problem? Make it illegal. Women in this country are extremely creative and motivated to maintain the rights that have been granted to them in this country.

You roll back Roe and your problem will proliferate. You don’t have to take my word for it. Just watch and learn should abortion become illegal again in this country.

Yes, Jim, why don’t we just identify the women by name and address and assign them all a great big banner to wear around their arms: “A” for abortion. Sound familiar?

Women in this country are extremely creative and motivated to keep killing their own babies in the womb? I think you sell women short, my friend. The “rights” granted to murder one’s own child are fictions, and are sinful in the extreme.

Before abortion was legal, women bore their illegitimate children, and gave them up for adoption, to loving parents who were waiting for babies of their own. The numbers of illegal, dangerous, “coat hanger” abortions were FICTITIOUS, made up in order to get the laws changed.

Women need loving care, not abortion.

I’m talking statistics, not individuals. If abortion is such a great thing, surely abortion clinics would like to publicize their numbers. Hospitals advertise when they do the most of particular surgeries.

It seems to me that women are increasingly pro-life. And being pro-life means being pro-woman.

No, you don’t. You are, in fact, trying to derail/sideline the discussion by calling for a reporting criteria [labled by you as accuracy] that is well outside the norm for scientific, let alone non-scientific (used here to mean accurate reporting of scientific findings by non-scientists/researchers), reporting. Or, do you really believe what you wrote and, in fact, view modern physics as a bunch of hogwash?

To the OP, keep up the good work.

Fabulous work on that display.

The numbers are truly staggering.

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