For those who pray "Christian Prayer" - a question about OOR


For the Office of Readings, how do you choose the Biblical and non-Biblical readings?

The Saint Joseph Guide prints the same page for several days in a row. I suppose the choice is up to us which reading(s) to pick on any given day?

Just wondering what everyone else does.



I have a chart that says which readings are for which day… do you have the Christian Prayer book, or do you use an online version? Sorry I don’t know what the Saint Joseph Guide is…


Hi Monica4316 - I use the Catholic Book Publishers printed book version.

The Saint Joseph Guide is the little booklet that’s included with each copy of the book Christian Prayer showing the page number sfor the daily readings/psalter and identifying the memorial and feasts. I haven’t seen a chart.



Look on p 2064 of the CBP edition (or p 1563 of the DoSP edition).

Or on [post=4595993]this post[/post].

(You will still be more or less on your own for the non-biblical readings)



Just curious as to why you would read non biblical readings in church ? His word is a lamp to our feel and a light to our path…


The Non-Biblical Readings are usually homilies or writings by the Early Church Fathers about the nature of G-d, how to live in the world or the lives of the saints. Not all that different than what a priest does after the gospel during a mass, so why not read them in church?

This site seems to list the readings for each day for you:

Happy Martinmas


Thank you :slight_smile:


I listen to my priest’s homily in church, too. That’s definitely non-biblical.

Also, “Christian Prayer” is an approved, official prayer of the Roman Catholic church. :wink:


Wow - I never even knew pages 2064 to 2074 were there! I’m still new at “Christian Prayer”. That’s really handy.

What I was originally referring to was the pages of Biblical Readings from pages 1870 to 1941 inclusive.

I suppose we read selections from “Poetry” ad lib, as well?


The Biblical readings are listed in the back of Christian Prayer. If the year is odd, use Year 1 and if it is even, use Year 2.
As for the non-Biblical readings, I choose a spiritual book to read. I read a page or two, maybe even a chapter. I tend to remember more of what I have read this way then if I read a book from cover to cover. Right now I am reading Life of the Early Christian. I have used this method to read *Interior Castle, Life of a Soul, Seven Story Mountain *, and other classics.
I did not bring a poetry book with me on my trip overseas. My brother owned a collection of 500 poems. I used that book when I was stateside. Before that I had found a collection of poems from Dover books which I used. I also had some of the Salesian booklets that are filled with poems.


I use 2064 on Biblical reading and follow the St. Joseph Guide booklet for non biblical readings. I also use universalis


In the St Joseph guide for Christian Prayer, the small “f” after the page number for the readings means that page and what follows, so I used to start at that first page and then read a new reading each day. In the St Joseph guide that goes with the full 4 volume, “Liturgy of The hours”, of which “Christian Prayer” is an abridged edition, there is specifically listed a seperate and different reading for each day.

All the best to you in Christ,


OK, this was what I was hoping to see. I was confused by the little ‘f’ after the same page number for several days in a row. My first thought was: “So I read only the reading on this page for 4 days?”. This makes more sense.

I’m really not sure what the other posters are mentioning. I was referring only the contents of Christian Prayer, not other spiritual readings or books of poetry. Sorry I didn’t make that clear!

Thanks all!

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