For those who struggle with anger

For a special intention of mine…as well as for all those who struggle with anger, and the individuals whom they affect.

While righteous anger can be virtuous, many struggle with anger over seemingly insignificant things. Often I think there is depression or some other underlying issue behind some people’s unreasonable anger.

Sometimes the anger can escalate such that it will drag someone else into unreasonable behavior, making a difficult situation worse.

I would like to pray for, and ask Prayer Warriors and others, those who struggle with unreasonable anger, that they may find perspective through Christ.

And as I understand, St. Jerome is patron saint against anger, according to this website. (that site also has some fun Catholic facts too!)

Praying for your intentions and for those who struggle with anger. My husband often struggles with anger and I have begun praying for him immediately each time.

Praying for peace of mind and heart for all.

Praying for those who struggle with anger. Living with anger is really hard. I used to struggle with anger and I firmly believe and give thanks to our Lord, and I have been able to control it. Praise our Lord!!! I pray that I continue to be able with control it though our Lord Jesus because with him we can do all things and he is SUCH a loving father that he will hear the intentions of your heart and transform you. I pray for my husband too. He sometimes struggles with this.

Praying for everyone’s intentions regarding this.:signofcross: :gopray: :gopray2:

I would join your prayer.
One of my two sons has this problem too - and in some periods it is really hard - you simply don´t know what to do since rational arguments are useless.
Some people have been praying for our family for some time - and that has given me hope.
In Christ , Lisbeth :harp:

I’m praying and please pray for me also. I’m struggling hard in the past few months. I really need divine healing…

Praying for you
Lisbeth :harp:

I also struggle sometimes with anger but I intend to internalize it so as to not hurt anyone. I pray a lot when this happens.

I have a sister in law who is filled with rage. At family get togethers, she tends to alienate those who care for her the most. Please pray for her. We also feel that she is beginning to drink too much. Her only child, a son, committed suicide which I think is behind much of her anger, although she was pretty angry before that.

Praying for you.

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“I also struggle sometimes with anger but I intend to internalize it so as to not hurt anyone. I pray a lot when this happens.”

That is exactly what I do too. When I feel it coming I start praying and talking to God. I really believe it helps. I will pray for all posters to this forum. Peace be with you.

I forgot to add that I also exercise vigorously every day. That also is a big help to relieve the stress of anger.


Will pray for your special intention, and all who may struggle with anger… JMJ

I’ll pray for you. Thanks be to God, anger is not something I have to worry over - I literally have no temper. But I have other faults to take its place…

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