For those who use cribs


For those of you that use cribs, thoughts on drop down side vs. the ones that don’t???

I know this has probably been discussed MANY times, although I didn’t see it when I searched “cribs”, didn’t make it too many pages in though either :blush:


ooops, ment to put this in the parenting forum :blush:


Drop down side is the only kind I have used… can’t see why I would ever want a stationary side though:shrug:. For diaper changes and sheet changes I wouldn’t have been able to do it without that drop side!


I have a gimme micro crib that we’re using… stationary side.

I probably wouldn’t PICK a stationary side if I had a choice, but we get a long ok with it :slight_smile:


It just seems that the stationary side cribs are the “IN” thing right now and I guess I don’t get it. I am amazed also on how many of them you can’t even adjust the mattress height. Thus the reason behind my questions, I thought I might be missing something.

I did notice when looking at the stationary side cribs at BRU, they do seem a lot more sturdy. Although I haven’t seen one that has a “teething guard” on the rail. I know my DS chewed on the side of his crib a lot, if it wasn’t for that plastic cover he probably would have chewed the wood all the way down. He also chewed on the ends although shortly after he started that we moved him out of the crib.

Anyway, just looking for advice before we buy one.


I use the drop-down side. It has a teething guard on the rail. I have never seen one with a stationary siderail.


We’ve only used the kind with the drop-down side (except for when DD was a newborn and she was in a bassinet) but I like it. I’m only 5’ 3" so I don’t know how I would’ve reached in to change the sheets, etc. if we had the other kind!


We have a drop down side, but our children generally don’t go into their own rooms until they’re old enough that either way would be just fine (i.e., they’re old enough to climb out of the darn thing!)

With baby no. three, he’s never slept in his crib. He hates it. He’s slept either with us or in a pack and play his whole life. I figure by the time baby no. four gets here, no. three will be ready to go into the crib with the side down all the time.


We have a drop-down side crib, but I hardly ever drop the side. My wife on the other hand, always drops the side and I think she would have a hard time with a stationary side. I don’t see a problem with the drop down side. Oh and ours doesn’t have a teething rail…but it is made of metal :smiley:


Does/did your child try to teeth on the metal??? (I am guessing you have one child already, although not sure because I see the pregnancy ticker) I have looked at a metal one and have thought about getting one although am worried about a toddler chewing on it.


Drop-down… even though I rarely use that function.


We are both tall and have a stationary side crib. The boys would have ripped it apart if it wasn’t so solid, all the movable side ones seemed wiggly.


I chose one with a stationary side because I expected my son to tear up anything else. We were given one with a drop down side which I keep at my parents house. Sure enough, he did something to it so the movable side is no longer movable. He naps over there only occasionally, and it was a free crib, so no big loss there. The crib with the stationary side here at home though did not have a teething guard. He’s chewed quite a bit out of it, and it was supposed to be one of those lifetime cribs that converts to a toddler bed, a daybed, and a full size bed. I’m not satisfied with it, I hope to get a new one for the new baby, but I’m not counting on it.


**Just so you don’t get scared off of drop side cribs, you know from my posts that our little Lily is strong, active, and fairly destructive, lol. She didn’t do one bit of damage to her crib…plenty to herself while in it, but the crib is fine, lol.

I don’t know if you have them there but ours is the “jenny lind” model from Sears:shrug:. We were lucky enough to have a nice family member buy it for us.**


We have used it for two children and have never seen them try to teeth on it. That doesn’t mean that they tried it and quickly learned it wasn’t good. But I never saw our oldest child teeth on the wooden crib with a plastic protector either. The crib is for sleeping so if they are awake, they are usually not in the crib. We have never used the crib as a place to keep our kids contained.


Our crib doesn’t drop down so much as folds over. It has two clips at the top that you squeeze and then a hinge that is about 8 inches down that it folds over on. I like this better than the drop down because it makes a lot less noise so I don’t wake up the baby that I have just spent hours rocking to sleep! I could never change the crib sheets if it was a stationary side. Plus I like the fact that I can adjust the mattress level. I’ve never had a baby climb out of the crib yet. My DS did chew on the crib rail but he also randomly chewed on my poor rocking chair too! I guess I should mention that this crib is one of those that converts to a toddler and then to a full size bed later on. So it definitely didn’t come cheap it was a wonderful gift from my in laws.


I have seen those also (actually I think just one) I might take a second look at that type. Thank you.

Also for the poster who mentioned it. We also didn’t use the crib to confine my DS. He was just a quite morning baby and would wake up and quietly play in his crib and teeth on it. I have no idea why he liked the wood, personally I thought it was gross and I didn’t want him teething on it. I can tell you it didn’t hurt the kid one bit though :thumbsup:


We have this one too. It’s very sturdy and we’re using on our fourth baby. It also converts to a toddler bed and you can use one side for a headboard on a double bed. We’ve only gotten to the toddler bed phase once. Maybe we’ll make it there again with baby number four.



I have two boys, my youngest is still in the crib, and I’ve probably dropped the side down maybe 10-20 times EVER? I just reach over and pick up the child. It’s easier!

The only time I drop down the side (the whole side goes down - I assume that’s what you mean?) is when DS2 is sleeping and I want to sniff his hair and give him a snuggly kiss on his forehead. sigh

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