For those with experience with NFP while breastfeeding


Were you able to detect your FIRST ovulation ( as in, before your period returned) in the postpartum period and if so, how? What were the most palpable signs?

Was it like an ovulation during your regular cycle?

I hope this will be the last of my NFP threads.


I have to run home to work, but I’ll be back later tonight or tomorrow to give the details… :slight_smile:


I was able to pinpoint my first ovulation after my first pregnancy. (It happened over the holidays which I guess is pretty normal with the stress and travel). Anyways, the quality and quantity were so different I knew exactly what it was. I was able to count 12 days of my luteal phase and my period came right on time. My cycles were a little longer for a few months, but all on the front side of ovulation. Of course before that happened we had some uncertainty, because I didn’t know it would be so different from the other mucus I had PP. :stuck_out_tongue:

After my second child, I thought I was getting my cycles back at 6 months, but it turned out to be a false alarm. So still watching. I hope I can recognize it this time.

So I would say it was just like before getting pregnant, but because many have weird mucus patterns, it might be difficult to know if it is ovulation, (until it actually occurs).


I’m back. :slight_smile:

Like Jilly, I was also able to pinpoint my ovulation after all 3 of my previous births, while breastfeeding.
I use the sympto-thermal method of NFP, so my story pertains to those techniques…
I was meticulous about charting my cervical mucous and cervical position. Before having a baby, I never really paid much attention to the cervical position sign, but it became an extremely helpful and telling sign in the confusing postpartum months.
There were many times when I was noticing mucous patches, so we were very conservative about abstaining after any signs were noticed…
But when ovulation actually occurred it was OBVIOUS… the quality and amount of mucous was obviously fertile… and the cervical position was wide open… then I had a normal luteal phase and my period came just as expected.
I also charted my basal body temperature from about 6 weeks onward. This sign isn’t helpful for detecting ovulation ahead of time, but it confirms it after the fact. So, whenever I would notice those mucous patches I was able to confirm after the fact whether it was truly ovulation or not. When I noticed those signs of clearly fertile mucous and open cervix, it was confirmed by seeing my temperature spike and stay elevated.

HTH a little…


I noticed fertile mucus about 2 weeks after my c-section, but I thought it was way too early for that so I passed it off as a return of all the weird gunk that came out after the surgery. But sure enough, I got my first postpartum period two weeks later - exactly one month after giving birth! Crazy!


Meant to add my own statistics... my cycles returned at 5 1/2, 7 1/2, and 10 months postpartum after all 3 of my children. I did not follow the rules of Ecological Breastfeeding (we used pacifiers and I pumped my breastmilk while working, etc), but I did Exclusively Breastfeed (never supplemented) on demand, including night time (co-sleeping)...


Obviously, I'm reporting second hand for my wife!

We use Billings, baby exclusively nursed from mom for 6 months (nursing went on another 6 months with minor baby food supplement), but babies slept in own room / crib, generally waking to eat 1-2 times per night (don't miss THAT, but wife couldn't sleep at all with baby in the room).

Absolutely no mucus present at all for 4 months, then it appeared again just before peak time. The next 3-4 cycles were MUCH longer than normal, but things settled down again after that. It was weird and seemed unpredictable at the time, but in hindsight, the mucus was a highly reliable symptom to watch for. For us.

I'm still convinced that this method requires refraining from mucus affective cold medicines too, but I have no medical data to back up that personal opinion. My wife never liked those meds anyways, so no issues for us.


Thank you all for the replies! It’s encouraging to know that it is possible. I’m in my 3rd post partum period and honestly, haven’t bothered charting because my situation is very much like in my previous PP periods I.e mucuous present almost every day, changes sporadically, no pattern, sometimes light sometimes thick etc… I know our billings instructor had no clue what to make of my chart and she said a lot of it depends on how often I breastfeed. BF is also kind of all over the place as DS sometimes takes long breaks, sometimes shorter ones. He also eats often, but little during the night etc…

Anyway, as we got to #3 in 4.5 years, with 2 MCs in between, we really don’t want to take a chance, but as an NFP instructor here put it, it’s very hard to abstain when you are not SURE you have to. It’s been 4.5 months and counting- nothing new, we had to do the same thing after every birth- but I’m still hoping I can figure something out. The problem is, that by the time I see the fertile mucous it’ll have already been too late as the sperm can still be lingering around. So I’m thinking it’s not only a matter of detecting ovulation, you actually have to predict it about 5 days in advance to have any kind of certainty…and I gather that that’s impossible.

If someone could invent an ovulation ticker he would be a gazillionaire and NFP would reach success rates of unheard proportions :slight_smile:


Sadly not true. There’s only a few of us weirdos who haven’t fallen for the “you can have what you want, no risk, no loss” propaganda campaign of the contraceptive culture today. I strongly suspect that what you desire is easily achievable scientifically, but not economically due to how small a market we are.

Almost nobody knows how poisonous contraception is because its effects are not easily seen as causal, but anybody can see the difficulty of living by NFP. Hang in there, months long times of abstinance seem Herculean at the time, but in the rear view mirror a couple years ahead, it diminishes in severity pretty quickly. Us humans are wired funny!


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