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My niece has PCO or PCOS. I need to know if some of her symptoms are related this disease. She has had heavy periods that lasted for months and the doctor put her on BCP. She is single and a virgin so that was not a problem. But when she was on it, her libido was so increased that she could not even be near a guy. Well, she got off of them. Now she has had three months with no periods. She is very naive and doesn’t care that has her period. She doesn’t want to see a doctor. Her other problem is that she won’t even join a Catholic College group for she can’t be near men for she gets an orgasm. She wants to associate with kids her age, but fears this happening to her. Is this normal with PCO?

Does this help? :shrug:


She should try to get to an NFP only doctor who is NaPro certified and see what they say. They have done great things for me, even when every other doctor offered me no options :slight_smile:


Thanks, it helped me to understand it. I guess she has a high level of testostorone.


She has an appointment with one next month. She feels that she doesn’t need to go, but she does. Like I said she acts like a teenager at times. She is 21 years old.


I suffer from PCOS as well, I was informed by my Catholic doctor that for health reasons, to regulate periods and hormone levels, I could possible be put on low levels of progestrone. I haven’t looked into this at all so don’t know how much it rings true, just something to think about.


I will check this out. Thanks.

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