Hey everyone! We are having a party! It’s TNT’s birthday April 2, and you’re all invited. Drop by and say

I’m bringing the cake.

A very happy birthday to you, TNT! May God bless you as you enter a new year of life.

Happy Birthday:D

I guess you’re bringing the dynamite! :smiley:


All we need now is for TNT to show up. :wink:

I’ was wondering when he was going to explode in…:smiley:

Just a reminder…my birthday is Friday, which I’ve decided not to celebrate till after Easter…at least that gives me a few more days to enjoy my younger age.:smiley:

Like this, ya mean?

That’s keeper

I’ve officially past the 1/2 century mark.
Now, b4 some SA asks which 1/2 …it’s the 1st.

You’ll have to bring the beer, TNT. Texas beer.
Explore Georgia Santucci

Happy birthday you old geezer from another old geezer who will always be younger than you.:stuck_out_tongue:

Uxor, happy birthday to you too!:thumbsup:

1st Century that is pretty old man! LOL Do you use a cane yet?

Thank-you Bear…:slight_smile:



Ahhhhhhh…can I have one?:crying: They are soooo adorable!

Like in wheelchair. LOL

Night everyone…Have a good one TNT. :slight_smile:

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