For US kids, strong link between parent's marital status & likelihood of living in poverty


For US kids, strong link between parent’s marital status & likelihood of living in poverty


Who was it that said the most effective means of avoiding poverty are: graduate from high school, wait to get married before having children, and get and keep a full time job. At least #2 is getting some addition backing.


For all the statistics and math geeks out there, the footnote says the chart is based on the Supplemental Poverty Measure. Here is the explanation of what that is:

The bottom line is that the Supplemental Poverty Measure includes the value of government assistance received by the family, like cash welfare, food stamps(now called SNAP), housing assistance, energy assistance, child care assistance, and tax grants like the earned income credit; minus child support received from outside the household.

In other words that a liberal government does not dare to speak, the disrespect for marriage causes even more damage. They report that a single parent family is three times to live in poverty even after substantial government aid. That aid did not come from the White House Money Tree. It was taken from other families and after government expenses, given to single parent families, so the disrespect for marriage also has a direct cost to society as a whole. If you use the Census Bureau’s traditional measure of poverty, the rate of poverty for a single parent family is five times the rate for families with marriage, not three times.

As bad as that is, the situation is even worse than that, because the government only considers income to determine poverty. It ignores the fact that single parent families have higher expenses for child care, medical care, and legal advice.

The best anti-poverty program ever conceived was marriage; yet our society and government seem hell-bent on destroying marriage altogether. This cannot end well.


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