For wedded couples... especially the "unequally yoked"


…that are going through tough times in their marriages, especially when the couple is not “equally yoked”. Give the faithful spouse the grace to endure, and the unfaithful spouse the grace to have faith.

All Holy Men and Women…pray for us.


Amen. I will pray for you. I have been unequally yoked. I know how hard it can be.


In my prayer of life


Teach Us How to Love Each Other

It’s so easy to love each other when we both feel good ~
when we feel affectionate and energetic,
and contented with our lives.

Lord, teach us how to love each other just as deeply
when we are tired
and crabby
and things are going wrong.

Teach us how to love each other
when one of us is annoying
and irritating
and hard to understand.

Lord, grant us the ability
to love one another
deeply and unselfishly
even when we’re difficult to love.

Let us remember, Lord,
that it is during those times
when we are least deserving
of each other’s love
that we are often the most desperately in need
of each other’s love.


[RIGHT]~From Prayers for Married Couples by Renee Bartkowski[/RIGHT]


Praying for this intention.


Not to be a nag or anything, but keep praying.

In addition to this, please ask God to give me and all spouses the ability to be honest, yet gentle. I also pray that I can look at my behavior through God’s eyes, not mine.


Praying for your intention!


The prayers of righteous truly availeth much! The prayers our helping. Thank God for the prayer warriors!


Still praying!

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