Forbes ranks Francis as 4th most powerful person in the world

From La Stampa:
Pope Francis is the 4th ‘most powerful’ person in the world according to Forbes, the prestigious American business magazine, which has just released the names of those it ranks as ‘the 72 most powerful people’ on planet earth in 2013.

Forbes ranks him immediately after the Presidents of Russia, the USA and China. It is a most extraordinary result for this humble leader of the Catholic Church who has never in his life sought position, power or status, has always lived as a poor man and, until his election as Pope used public transport, shuns mundane events and gives priority attention to the world’s poor.

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin was given the number 1 position in the Forbes list, followed by US President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping, in the number 2 and 3 slots respectively. Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel came in at Number 5, and is rated as the most powerful woman in the world.

The Forbes piece can be found here.

Really, just number 4?!?!?! :smiley:

God Bless the Pope! :crossrc: :highprayer:

This is not sound social science.

Looks like the leader of the Communist, Freemason World dropped to number two and the leaders of the Christian world are now at numbers one and four. Great News!!!

Actually, I think that President Xi Jinping is more powerful than Obama, but I suppose if they didn’t give Obama the #2 slot, he’d cry. I’m glad they didn’t give him #1 - things are bad enough without him thinking he’s the most powerful man in the world.

Benedict XVI was #5 in 2012, up from #7 in 2011. He wasn’t in the top 10 in 2009.

Was John Paul II ever #1? I could google it, but you seem to have good info.:slight_smile:

According to Wikipedia, the magazine started the list in 2009.

Oh darn. If this was the Olympics fourth isn’t even a Bronze Medal.

OTOH The leader of Vatican City topping all but **Russia, the US, and China **is a wow! :wink:

But like a badly scored and tainted Olympic Games from the Cold War Era - decided by “judges” - Pope Francis runs “out of the money” behind a Communist Sweep? :wink: I’m still bitter over the “East German judges” of the Olympics of the 1970s who clearly scored according to the politics of the athlete’s country (as you can see).

God judges differently. Francis might be number one in that tally. Then again, it might be
some unsung little servant of God like St. Therese of Liseaux or a bedridden prayer warrior in some hospital in ***that ***ranking.

I wonder if Pope Francis has cast out any demons recently? Let’s see the more powerful "medal winners" do *THAT!
* < video shows Francis praying over a man in a wheelchair. Reporter implies this was controversial in some quarters, but remains neutral. This may not be an exorcism (certainly not the formal rite with all the trappings); of course if a demon was there and left … then it was.

So someone else finally figured out that Putin is more powerful than Barack Obama? :thumbsup:

The anti-gay, anti-free speech, anti-democratic Putin ranked #1? There goes this list’s credibility…

It’s a list by power, not by most politically correct. There is a lot I disagree with Putin on, but his power has increased…especially due to a weak and ineffective US President.

I don’t like the fact that anti-Catholic, anti-life, Marxist Obama is on the list either, but I wouldn’t say that his presence destroys its credibility. Since it is a list of the most powerful people and not the most agreeable or most popular people, I would say that it serves its purpose well.

Lol, Putin is probably the most “powerful” world leader: black belt in Judo, great physical shape, could probably beat the tar out of Obama if they fought.

I always find it odd how the liberals are extremely flustered with Russia right now over them making sure that those of the LGBTQ agenda can’t push their propaganda on school children. Even if you personally find that disgusting, there’s many places in the world right now, usually of a muslim majority, where homosexual acts get the death penalty. But you don’t hear a peep from liberals about those places.

It is not just “liberals” who dislike Putin’s regime. Any sane individual with half a conscience would be concerned about the serious loss of liberty, the increase in human rights violations and the military posturing (ie intimidation of the Ukraine, other smaller former Soviet countries) that have occurred under his reign (and yes I call it “reign”). The man is an ex-KGB agent.

At the very least the USA has a legitimate opposition in politics to Obama. If the Republican party were too convince voters in swing states, it could easily replace the Democrat party in the next national election with a leader more conducive to conservative values.

Russians don’t have that luxury. The “opposition” is thrown into prison cells in Siberia. Go figure.

Agreed. If this listing had been conducted in the late 1930s or early 1940s (pre Stalingrad) Adolf Hitler would easily have been ranked as the “most powerful person” on earth, because of his impact on the international stage.

The Western left fears Islam. But the “gay rights” movement has been hijacked is about getting votes for certain politicians. In fact, a lot of American Democrats, for instance, want absolutely nothing do to with gays. You only hear about the straights who pander to them or fake their sexual orientation on myspace or facebook to get attention.

Be assured though that if Muslims complain feminism and gay issues are brought to a screeching halt, especially in Europe where “gay free” zones and de facto sharia law areas are being established.

They’ll probably get kicked to the curb once their vote is locked in and big government will largely ignore them just like they did to Native Americans and Blacks.

Maybe not. Is the Pope really more powerful politically than Angela Merkel of Germany or David Cameron, whose nation is still sitting on a nice pile of nukes?

In political science power is relative.

Memories die slowly, people think back to “better dead than red” days and figure it’s okay to hate Russia for it laws on homosexuality. Saudi Arabia, which still crucifies people, is always protected by western governments, especially the U.S. because they have oil.

Yes, I did mean crucifixion.

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