Forbidden Practices in Conjugal Relations


Can someone point me to an authoritative teaching - preferrably recent - that discusses what acts are allowed or forbidden within marital relations? Thank you in advance.


I am not aware of any recent teachings on the matter apart from those concerning contraception. There are numerous older writings, including scripture.

The modern person often revolts from what he thinks restricts his freedom of expression.

If we understand that the purpose of sex is both to procreate and to express love, and that both elements must be present in every sexual act, what is permissible becomes easier to understand.

I tend to give great credit to the sentiments of ordinary men and women. They usually appreciate the reality of what they do, even when they are doing something wrong. They know many practices that are ordinary are fundamentally shameful, and our language, and the way they depicted in the media, reflect this reality.


Thanks, but I'm really looking for a source.


Perhaps you may have better response in the moral theology section of the forum.
Or you could direct your queary to the ask an apologist.


Thanks, I'll try the Moral Theology section.


I recommend Christopher West’s “Good News About Sex and Marriage.” It is based on JPII’s Theology of the body. It has an imprimatur and a forward by Archbishop Chaput. It is very specific about the answer to exactly what you can and can’t do, in question and answer format with excellent explanations.


I was going to say the same thing, you will probably be surprised when you read it! :slight_smile:


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