There is a heresy where there was a women with adom before eve that was in the garden and she said something that was forbiden by the Lord so he turned her into a demon. Im curious where did this come from?


She comes from Jewish mythology. Supposedly, she was made from dirt same as Adam but she did something wrong and was turned into a demon. Then God made Eve from Adam’s rib.

Some say Genesis one describes the creation of Adam and Lilith both in the divine image. Then Genesis two describes the Eve being made from Adam as a companion.

If you just google “Lilith” you’ll find lots of info on her and her mythology.


There used to be a magazine called Lilith. Not sure if it is still in publication or not.

Yes that is heretical/apocryphal.

Its something from jewish myth. This is completely false and an attempt to justifiy jewish misogyny-thanking god one was not born a woman, forced marriages, etc. Remember these same type of falsehoods are found in the talmud. All sorts of brazzen accusations and slander against our Lord and His Most Pure Mother Mary.

In the bible the book of Isaiah pg 34 on to 35 it does talk about a lilith, but its probably something different.

“Wild cats shall meet with the desert beasts satyers shall call to one another; There shall the lilith repose and find for herself a place to rest”. ISAIAH (34:14)

Oh my gosh! Cheers/Frasier and the dynamic between Frasier and his ex-wife, Lilith (a Jewish woman in the show), makes so much more sense now!!! :smiley:

How do we know if something is heretical? What is it is true but suppressed?

It’s not a proper name. It just means demon.

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