Forced Abortion Incident Proves Pro-Choice Groups Pro-Abortion

Forced Abortion Incident Proves Pro-Choice Groups Pro-Abortion
by Steve Ertelt

For years the “pro-choice” mantra has gone something like this: abortion should be between a woman and her doctor, we can’t tell women what to do with their bodies, women have a right to choose, etc. Yet, a recent forced abortion incident in China proves so-called “pro-choice” advocates are nothing more than pro-abortion.

Arzigul Tursun and her family understand the length to which the oppressive Chinese population control regime will go to keep to its limited birth quotas. Six months pregnant, Tursun found herself captive at a local hospital with the impending threat of a forced abortion.

But “pro-choice” groups like groups like Planned Parenthood, NARAL, Emily’s List and others said and did nothing.

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Pro-choice groups immoral, merciless, corrupted? :eek:

Pro-lifers knew that, right from the beginning.

It was the deceived that were duped.

Next fiscal year our PE Obama has pledged to fund the UN and eliminate the ban on the UN using our money for abortions (forced or otherwise) no restrictions.

This doesn’t surprise me, I suppose now they will have to answer for their inactivity. Knowing them of course, they will invent some rationalization and cop out. This is a textbook example of their deception, but some people are just too naive to see it.

This is very misleading.

China does this all the time.

Mainstream major pro-choice groups are already on record opposing forced abortions period. They don’t need to reiterate it every time it happens somewhere in the world. If they did, they’d have to do it every day since it happens every day.

Communist China has nothing to do with pro-choice values.

As Pat Buchanan has said, let’s make our criticisms but let’s be “fair and honest” when doing so.

There may be individual pro-choicers who do bad things just as there are with individual pro-lifers (abortion clinic bombers, assasins of doctors). There may even be extremist organizations that are beyond the pale (none of the ones in the article though) such as Operation Rescue. But let’s not stereotype or overgeneralize.

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