Forced against concience and religion how bad is this?


if there is anyone out there who has some sort of legal background to answer the question. How bad is this? Is this going to involve christian churchs and what can be said from the pulpit (like that is not already self censored by many clergy), or is this solely pertaining to what can be said in public? What is the definition of public here? workplace? your apartment complex? someone visiting your front yard?
people keep telling me no body is going to say what you can and cannot believe. Yet I see more and more stories like this. This guy is being (from what I can tell) punished by the state for evangelizing. He did not point fingers at anyONE, but he sure stated his opinion about sin. That was enough to offend apparently.

and just your speech being taken as offensive was enough to end up in court.
If there is a lawyer out there I would like his take on the matter.


Having taken a very quick look at one or two of the leaflets in evidence, it appears that this person has identified two 'personals ads' and proposed that the persons seeking the things that they are seeking are looking for 'boys' - i.e. he is making allegations of paedophilia. That is a serious accusation to be making, and I can't see where it has been substantiated, so I'm not surprised he's been reprimanded by the Court.

I haven't read the whole judgement though - it's very long - so there may be other issues at hand here along the lines of incitement to commit crimes (a very cursory scan suggests that this is so).

It is perfectly possible to argue one's conscience and one's religion without inciting anyone to do anything illegal.

I don't think that freedom of speech in Canada is any more or less free now than it was. People may argue about the rights and wrongs of homosexual behaviour as much as they ever did, but to take extracts from the Bible and use them in a context that encourages others to be so enraged that they may be tempted to take some sort of physical action against homosexuals would be wrong. The Catholic Church certainly wouldn't advocate that as it wouldn't fit with the teaching of 'love the sinner, hate the sin'.


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