Forced into gay pride parade, they found out what gay pride can mean during the parade

A jury has just decided in favor of four San Diego firefighters forced to participate in a gay pride parade, where they were sexually harassed by gays for three hours. They were all fathers of families and Christians, their lawyers said. This article is at:

I carried the flag in the St. Patrick’s Day parade in 1970. I stood out.

Fantastic! While the payout is paltry, at least it was a moral victory. No one should be forced to endure such a show of debauchery.

I don’t understand why the city is appealing. They will have to pay more in legal fees than they need to pay out to the firemen. I guess it is just far more important to the city to show that they are pro-gay, than it is to show that they also support people with traditional values.

The city does not want to let this set a precedent and thus have trouble finding firemen to work the parade.:eek:

If they were actually “working” the parade (i.e. doing their jobs), I can see the issue. I probably wouldn’t even side with the jury, as we need public safety to be maintained during these events. However, it sounds like they were forced to participate by riding on the truck as part of the parade. That is ridiculous.

Ask most firemen. Parade participation is considered part of their JOB. My son-in-law has been placed in this type of position.

Yes, but it shouldn’t be. Being there to maintain public safety and in case of a need for emergency services is fine, but participation in a parade should not be part of the job.

I realize that this breaks (fulfills?) Godwin’s Law, but I don’t care… If firemen were expected to ride their truck in a Nazi parade, wouldn’t people support the firemen who didn’t want to be there?

In Germany at the time of Hitler no they would not have. The same situation goes for the “gay” situation in our world today. The word intolerant and homophobic would be thrown around now.

And wouldn’t that support, as a matter of course, be extented also to those firemen who refuse to participate in Christian or Catholic parades? I wouldn’t be surprized if some day some firemen catched this idea and were religiously harassed and entitled to damages for their forced participation on any religious parades.

Sure, but I haven’t heard of any firemen being forced to participate in those parades.

I think firemen have participated in many of those parades, but the word forced haven’t being used to describe their participation, yet…

Of course! As I wrote, I think they should still have to work the parades in their capacity as firemen, but they shouldn’t have to participate in the parade…unless they want to. I’m pretty sure you could find enough Catholic and/or Christian firemen who would want to participate, so there is no reason to force anyone.

Similarly, if gay firemen wanted to participate in a Gay Parade, that is fine. They would still need to honor the uniform they are wearing though, as they represent their department (i.e. no shirtless firemen with rainbow suspenders please).

San Diego was wrong to force it’s will on the firefighters. A firefighter is not required in the course of his or her duties to do things they are not comfortable with or have a moral objection to. When san diego did this. They risked damaging the discipline that exist on the fireground. They were foolish and agenda driven.


I can’t imagine any fireman refusing to fight any fire, no matter where it is or who the victims are. I think it is an insult to their professionalism and dedication to expect or force them to expose themselves to the outrageous comments and behavior that these guys put up with at the Gay Pride Parade. I’m sure the city is appealing, because the Gay Pride Weekend pulls in millions of TAT for the treasury and this judgement makes them look bad to the Gay Community.

Why are heterosexual firemen in a gay pride parade to begin with? There are surely some gay firemen who would be glad to be in the parade.

Forcing these men to participate was wrong, and I’m glad the court ruled as it did. I have no problem with gay pride, but it should not be promoted by forcing heterosexuals to join in.


Probably they are more worried about the implications of this case. White firefighters not wanting to participate in Black parades. Muslim firefighters not wanting to participate in Jewish parades, etc… Once individual firefighters are given the power to choose to work only to that section of the community they support there’s no end…

I think they should have gotten more money.

Then do away with parades entirely. As long as they come and put your fire out, no matter what you are, then what the hell difference does it make if they don’t want to march in a freakin’ parade, for whatever reason?

As a non American looking from afar I think Americans need to wake up fast. Your liberties are being progressively destroyed. The pro homosexual lobby, the ACLU etc are not just demanding their right to speak they are more and more attacking anyone who thinks differently from them and dares to say so.

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