Ford Concedes, Victory Declared!

"A twenty-four month boycott against Ford Motor Companies, led by the American Family Association (AFA) and co-sponsored by Tradition, Family and Property Inc. and other groups has now ended with success…

Conservative groups herald Ford’s concession as a myth-shattering proof of the power of peaceful legal protest. TFP Webmaster John Horvat commented: “Many feel that protesting large corporations is ineffective. However, this idea has been proven false on many occasions.”

Mr. Horvat continued: “When properly organized, moral Americans have shut down major art exhibits, stopped blasphemous theater plays, made eBay change its policy and now forced Ford Motor Companies to stop corrupting society.”

The American TFP thanks AFA for leading this boycott and proving that morality can still be upheld…if the good are willing to stand together."

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