Ford Motors quarterly profits hit a six-year high

To be honest, the jump in China is not surprising, but it’s still some GOOD news that I think we should hear for a change.

*Ford said sales in its key North American market rose by 37%, and it planned to increase production by 9% this year.

However, the company said it was too early to say whether it would be hiring more workers to help it build them.

*Globally, the stand-out area was China where sales rocketed by 84%. *
*Ford chief executive Alan Mulally said: “The Ford team around the world achieved another very solid quarter, and we are delivering profitable growth.”

*Ford made $2.7bn over the whole of last year.

good news

I remember reading some analysis last year stating that the the average age of cars in the US was at an all-time high and the that sales had not kept up with the increase in drivers for several years so that once the hump of the past few years was over, the industry would roar back to life to make up the difference

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