Ford sales continue downhill slide over homosexual support


April 10, 2007

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Ford sales continue downhill slide over homosexual support

					    							                                                                  Just a short note to let you know that Ford Motor Company sales for March were down 9%.  **During 10 of the 12 months since the AFA boycott of Ford began, sales have been down.**  

AFA called for the boycott of Ford because of Ford’s support for the homosexual agenda and homosexual marriage. The company reneged on a commitment to AFA to stop giving money to homosexual organizations and to stop supporting homosexual publications with advertising. Chairman Bill Ford chose to support homosexual groups rather than his own employees.
In reference to their support for the homosexual agenda, Coleen Rose Coventry at the Ford Customer Relationship Center said this: "This is a strong commitment we intend to carry forward with no exception."
All AFA is asking Ford to do is to remain neutral in the culture wars. So far Ford has refused to do so.
If you haven’t already done so, click here to sign the Boycott Ford Pledge. For more information on the boycott, click here.
Ford sales for the past year (compared to the same month the year before):

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Dont start jumping up and down for joy on this all the car companys sales are down for the same period, If it is the boycot that is to blame for the ford problems you still shouldnt be Happy, I am from Michigan so i have seen first hand what the sales decline is actually doing and that is plain and simple putting lots of good people out of work.
and for what to get them to believe as you do? kind of takes away free will,
well anyways if its the boycott several thousand people thank you for getting them laid off, course i know its not that its just a lousy economy esspecially here in Michigan…
I work in the boating Industry I need a vacation “People” whom are homosexuals own and operate Boats as well as cars can you please start boycotting boats and personal wtaercraft so i can get a break as well…



thanks for this info. i drive ford, and they truly do not make their cars to withstand the test of time…not like foreign cars. it’s a shame, but i think it’s the new generation running Ford…like other companies, i see this happening…the second/third generations just want to sit on their thrones, from ‘daddy’s money’ and skimp on the customer. Ford will soon be bought out…soon enough.

Interesting thread!


Most likely, the decline in sales has more to do with the shoddy workmanship that Ford has been spewing out for over a decade. When they can start truly competing with their Japanese counterparts…you’ll start seeing the sales climb. Although I find this thread interesting, I truly think sales have been declining for years…


I really could not agree with you more about unions,
as far as workmanship goes well that is debateable to say the least but I was an automotive mechanic for many many years
all car companys are on downslope.

as far as the japanese cars go they have an advantage over US companies at this point. one thier Govt subsidizes them so they can afford to sell cheaper, secondly they do not have the retired employees that the US has, that will change within a few years.
and yes unions have over stayed thier welcome but you are seeing them broken everywhere in the US now, they still have thier good points but also many many bad…

I wont say labor costs are any different because the japanese companies build most of thier product here in the states now and the wages are very fair…

I just added to this thread basically because people jump on a band wagon to get thier point across, not thinking what the ramifications are from it, incidently I know more than 50 people whom are permanently laid off from Ford motors, a lot of those took that buy out option but many didnt or didnt really qualify. that dont count the many I dont know, plus all the other car companies…

I do not believe that some half planned "boycott has anything to do with sale declines, If our economy was in a little better shape i would prolly buy a new vehicle and it would be a ford ( i used to be a die hard Chrysler man) they have the only trucks out there right now with a strong enough frame to pull my trailers, Dodge and GM all have unibody frame rails now…so the days of 15000 pound towing is about over for them…Plus dodge Transmissions just aint what they used to be ( understatement of the century)

By the way I dont care if someone is hetero sexual, Bi sexual or homosexual or No sexual they are humans and our brothers and sisters no matter what…they dont need to be discriminated against anymore than someone of color,or sex…

are we going to boycot all you can eat buffets next because they are helping people commit gluttony?

anyways have a good one



Perhaps that’s what Ford executives ought to be concentrating on rather than advancing an agenda. :frowning:


There are thousands, perhaps millions, who have chosen to not buy Ford because of their social agenda. Ford can make the best product in the world, and it still will not get those customers back until it stops propogating moral evil.


well i hope those same people quit buying everything else in same situation as well then, the foods, going to movie theaters (obviously) watching TV, the list goes on and on…

after all if you are going to try and take someones free will away and Do what Even God himself wont do might as well go all the way with it…


I question the assertion that a boycott is an attempt to take away someone’s free will. If that were true, then all natural consequences take away free will. Are those people who are distancing themselves from Don Imus trying to take away his free will? Would you continue to accept social invitations from a verbal bully who purposely made life miserable whenever you showed up, just so that you don’t take away his free will?

Actions have natural consequences. If Ford’s corporate actions are to encourage acceptance of unnatural, unhealthy, and fatal sexual practices, then why would they not expect that some people would be abhored, and seek to disassociate themselves from Ford? Adolf Hitler had free will, didn’t he? Some refused to remain serving his government in Germany and left (think Einstein). Were they taking away Hitler’s free will?

The answer is no, of course not. But, suggesting that people NOT ‘freely’ distance themselves from things they find morally repugnant would seem to be.



It is not taking free will away, it is using free will to say we will not buy their products while they push their social agendas. Free will goes both ways.

Ford is not forced to donate to those caues, they are an auto maker, and they should stick to the business of making reasonably priced and high quality autos. If they did that, then people would buy their products. Ford’s use of free will caused this massive boycott.


BTW, Ford has refused to change its policies regarding their support of social agendas, so in actual fact they have chosen to risk the loss of billions, and perhaps the sale of their company to foreign entities, so that they can continue to support those agendas. I would say Ford is using free will quite a lot–to their own detriment.


You don’t think that the increase in gas prices has caused Ford’s sales to go down?


No. Ford has plenty of fuel efficient autos. Plus, if you are thinking gas prices are the main reason, then explain why the Ford 150 is still at the top of the list.


I understand what you are saying but what I am talkign about is quite different I wouldnt go near a bully in the circumstance you used but on that note I wouldnt post a bunch of trash on the internet and get everyone to stay away from him either,
now put my actual self into that same situation and I wouldnt stay away at all, I would rather get into the picture and see if i could bring the person to a nicer frame of mind,
I am not a person who believes in using leverage or “revenge” to get what I think is right,or to change someones mind.

On the topic in general we have had a few “bad apples” in the priest hood molesting children, does that mean we should Boycot the entire church? afterall its just a very few priests, and they were listening to our confessions, giving us communion etc.
with Ford motors its a very few people not the whole, hopefully you can see where I am coming from as well, I do see where you all are coming from but if you going to start with Ford motors then you need to go everywhere and not just Pick on one or 2 things to get your views across…

why dont we just give right up on the human race there are a lot of bad apples in this world, instead of trying to change them with compassion and kindness and some understanding lets ignore them, not feed them ship them off to some islnad and forget them.
we reap what we sow, I for one dont want Jesus to boycot me because of my mistakes,I have made many myself as I am not perfect…

On that note you mentioned the term “freely” when its being pushed in a forum such as this and being a planned attack that term does not apply, the term actually changes to "conspiracy"
the agenda is to make them change thier minds about supporting a population because they do not believe or feel as another part of it, Now if Ford Motor company was to tell all thier dealers they are not allowed to sell to Catholics because they do not believe as the board does you would be appalled.prolly seek a lawyer to force them to sell cars to you. maybe try and get some “free money” in a lawsuit etc.

I actually applaud Ford Motor company for sticking to what they feel at this point and not buckling to “peer pressures” from a "do gooders groups"
at least they are not being wishy washy they agreed to help support a group and are following thru,

I am not saying I agree with the homosexual way,I am merely saying they are people, and therefore our brothers and sisters and neighbors, and I for one wont turn my head and ignore them because of a belief anymore than I would turn my head to someone else whom needed a helping hand or ear to hear them…
I dont remember seeing in the bible "love thy neighbor, unless he doesnt do what you want him to do. I took it as Unconditional.



Ford might be sold to a foreign entity, would that make them smart?

Ford is a business, and as such it is supposed to focus on what its customers want, or else they will go out of business. It is that simple.

And, yes it is fine to just pick a few companies to boycott, because if we can change them, then other companies will follow.


ahh so you are also against thier support of other Public agendas such as feed the children, Christians abroad,shelter the homeless etc etc etc all the lil things that never get seen but that they push to employees to support as well as support with other monies?

if you are against all those as well as the one in OP then I cannot say much to you, because at least you not “picking and choosing” you are against all charities and that in itself is fair…
if they stick to making quality cars then how many of these “charities” will no longer exist,
shoud the Catholic church stick to saving souls and passing out communion and not help feed hungry people around the world, shelter homelss on freezing nights, let you talk to a priest when you are feeling down and need a listening ear to help you cope with everyday miserable life? or do they stick to what they do and provide help to less fortunate when they can?

Like you said it can be a 2 way street if you open your eyes and really look around, we tend to only see the bad something or someone does, we need to start seeing the good over the bad.
I feel thats what Jesuses whole agenda was anyways he could see the good everyone had not just the bad this is what caused him to be nailed to that cross in the first place he hung around with what was considered criminals, and other "low lifes"
lucky for us he didnt just see all the bad huh??



One cannot do good in order to cover their evil. Ford does do some good, yet the evil it does is still evil. Period.


gas prices are hurting our entire economy at this point, yes it has caused some decline in sales but there are so many things going on in other areas gas isnt the only cause as far as car sales go…

the ford F-150 is a top seller because of several reasons, one of them being a lot of buisnesses have to still have trucks to do what they do, gas high or not they have to have them my occupation is a perfect example we move a lot of heavy boats to and from the lakes and peoples houses cottages that require basically a pickup truck to tow, ( we have to carry tools as well)



Ok you are so in the know about Ford Motor company and thier Homosexual agenda tell me what they are doing that is so evil, tell me where this money is going and what its doing???

do you watch television?buy food from a grocery store, go see a movie at the theater, if so you are also helping evil. movie makers promote unmarried sex daily,promote violence so you better be boycotting that stuff as well, or you are a hypocrit. only boycot what does not effect you in general. nothing to lose that way, only gain, you get your way like a baby crying if they buckle and you gave UP nothing to get it.

sorry to me the actions of a few individuals does not mandate any of this…


A culture is changed one step at a time. While it is very true that many companies do evil things, Christians can make an advance against that evil by having targeted battles.

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