what does that word mean?, (sorry if this is not the correct forum.)

I think this is what you are asking:

If a person is very ill for a time and suffers a lot, you may say he is having a foretaste of purgatory.

If a person is very prayerful and God favors him with an ecstatic feeling of His love, then you can say he has had a fore-taste of heaven.

It’s like when you were little, and you came into the kitchen from playing outside, and your mom was making spaghetti sauce, and you said that it smelled wonderful, and she took a spoon, dipped a little out, blew on it until it was cool, and put it in your mouth.

That’s a foretaste (of dinner).

If you see the instruction mf. on a piece of sheet music, that’s mezzo-foretaste.

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