Foreign fighters to Syria, Iraq to fight for ISIL doubles


Foreign fighters to Syria, Iraq to fight for ISIL doubles


Just like moths, going to the flame which just about always kills them.


They said sympathizers, those being watched are in all 50 states. Some states are rather remote, it does make me wonder. “They” means news articles if one questions that, one can look it up.


that is not the news we want to hear. :frowning:


difficult economic situation force young people to travel to hot spots and make an earning with weapon


Been indoctrinated by romanticised views of fighting the nasty west also helps there recruiting efforts. One thing I do agree with more conservative posters on here is that anyone found to have fought for ISIL should be stripped of their citizenship and imprisoned for a lengthy jail term if they attempt to return to their home country. .


Well, take for example the North Caucasus in Russian Federation.
How many factories have been built in the Caucasus over the last 20 years after the war in Chechnya? The same situation in Ingushetia and other republics.
Yes, women there have restored the population of high-fertility regions but those regions are the regions of chronic unemployment.
Economic crisis, young age, hot blood, too much energy.
It’s a gambling, its profitable, and yet in my opinion the poverty and economic hopelessness are among the causes. Therefore, the young people from the North Caucasus are going to fight to Ukraine or Syria.
And mind, in two different wars, they are frequently involved, as a pro-Putin and anti-Putin powers.


Do the pro-Putin people really do like Putin, or they seem him as the lesser of two evils (as the West being the most notable to stop)?

I would imagine that in Eastern Ukraine, many of the pro-Putin people like Stalin, right?


Would they go for the highest pay then,Athansiy? Is this what you are implying about North Caucasus? Just trying to follow you…


I also asked myself this question when I saw on television as a troupe of charred dead soldiers loaded and transported to their homeland.
Instead of killing people in a foreign land, they would rather study, work, raise families.
Mothers receive the coffins with their sons. But I blame Putin’s policies.
In the North Caucasus, nothing has changed. Ingush people are offered to rebuild Siberia. The same proposal to other nationalities. Why not rebuild the Caucasus? Why not create the infrastructure there? Is this for this reason Putin was fighting for the integrity of the empire, that the regions remained the regions chronicity of unemployment? The economic hopelessness pushes many people there to make a living by weapons. And for а certain forces to inspire young people that they will fight for the right cause is not difficult.


Thank you,Athanasiy.


I agree they should be stripped of their citizenship, but they should never be let back into the country, whatever country that happens to be. Let them float in the abyss of statelessness.


Maybe this abyss of nowhere is where they are right now.
I am not too sure anyone should be stripped of a birthplace… in fact ,no , we belong .
You would only be creating an underworld where no one is neither held accountable nor has a real sense of belonging.
And ultimately go for the highest bidder or a " meaning"
We are responsible for each other too in our societies.
For the good and the bad times…


Malaysian news is reporting today that they can identify two Malaysians in ISIS from videos. It’s a pity that indeed, people the world over are joining them.


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